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Frank Lloyd Wright - Essay Example

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A number of definitions exit for the term 'Architecture' of these probably and the broadest is the one that it encompasses all buildings. The science and art of the buildings practiced by the artists may be referred to as the architects.1Or buildings themselves may mean architecture…
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Frank Lloyd Wright
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Extract of sample "Frank Lloyd Wright"

Download file to see previous pages At the age of eighteen, Wright got admitted into the University of Wisconsin; however he was dropped before two years.3 Then he worked for Chicagoan architect James Lyman Silsbee, where he stayed only for few months. And later as he was employed by Sullivan and Adler, he was highly influenced by Sullivan's work that is now recognized as the first modern architect of America. One the prominent theory of Sullivan, which summed up his experience and knowledge was "form follows function," which meant that buildings design determine their use.4 However, it appeared quite far-reaching then, but was Wright accepted this by his 'Master'. Wright continued for five years with Sullivan where he worked as a designer and a draftsman. He designed the Charnely House, 1891 and worked for the greatest of the Sullivan buildings Chicago. He designed his own house in Oak Park in 1889. 5Later in 1893, to start his own practice in Chicago and Oak Park, he left Sullivan and Adler. Then he went for a year to Europe, form where upon his return he went to an inherited farmhouse in Spring Green, Wis., where he built the Taliesin, the farmhouse in 1911. Later in 1915, in Tokyo Japan he built the Imperial Hotel, thereafter until its construction in 1922 he stayed in Japan.6
Due to his creativity and a longer period for w...
Architectural Work
Due to his creativity and a longer period for which he lived and worked, historians have divided his work into three divisions, i.e. the early period from 1893 to 1910, later the mature period between 1910 and 1945 and lastly the later period extending from 1945 to the year 1959.78
Early Period
In the initial period of his work and practice, Wright mainly designed apartment buildings, and houses in Oak Park, Ill and Chicago and near townships. Although these buildings didn't actually indicated the pattern he was to follow later, but they represented great design and detail and were quite analogous to the forms of those designed by most of the educational and experimental designers.9
However, in 1902, he built the Willits House which contributed to his career, which reflected the signs of the themes he built in his later creations. More specifically, they had exteriors which were low and had wide overhangs and hipped roofs these themes later turned out to be recognized as the Prairie Houses or Style which were one of his identities. The Martin House built in 1904 in Buffalo, N.Y., and the Heurtley House at Oak Park in 1902, were significant in this particular style.10
Moreover one of his greatest creations was the Larkin Company Administration Building in Buffalo in 1904, which was the first of his masterpieces. Not only the design and level of detail were not only significant, but the its interior entrance hall; and the use of air conditioning and plate glass, were of considerable attention then, though it's quite common in houses today, and also the, however this building was demolished in 1905.
Soon afterwards he created a number of masterpieces of the Prairie Style; of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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