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Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist from Stanford, organized an experimentation testing the theory of Broken-window in 1969. Zimbardo arranged for a vehicle without the hood up and the license plates to be abandoned within a Bronx neighborhood as well as a second car as well without the hood up and the license plates to be abandoned in Palo Alto…
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Article Assignment
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"Article Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages In twenty four hours, nearly everything valuable had been removed. Later casual vandalism began, with windows being shattered, and parts torn apart. The car became a playing ground for kids (Wilson &Kelling, 1982). Simultaneously, the car in Palo Alto, California stayed intact for over a week. When Zimbardo went up and deliberately shuttered a part of it using a sledgehammer, soon after, onlookers began to join in for the vandalism. In a few hours, the vehicle had been spun upside down as well as completely vandalized. In both places the vandals seemed respectable, well dressed clean-cut whites. It is deemed that within a neighborhood like Bronx wherein history of property abandonment as well as theft are much more prevalent, destruction can take place very rapidly since the neighborhood sends out a ‘no one cares’ vibe. Related events can take place within any civilized neighborhood once communal barricades- the feel of mutual obligations and regard of civility-are let down by actions, which suggests ‘no one cares’. An effective stratagem for vandalism prevention is to fix problems while they are minimal. Repair a broken window within a brief time and the inclination is that miscreants are less likely to smash more windows. Clean-up the sidewalk daily, and the inclination is for garbage not to amass. ...
Additionally, taking a property that does not belong to you is equal to stealing even though the property does not have the owner. Another change to the policy within neighborhoods and public schools is that people should be encouraged to report to the police any properties that are left untended. Such changes would be productive because they will aid in preventing people from committing activities that denotes that crimes such as vandalism are not illegal. The changes to the policies will impart new attitudes and moral practices that deter people and young people in engaging in illegal activities. The changes to the policies will be difficult to enact in an already established culture that dictates that any unattended properties belongs to everyone and any can do as they please with such a property (O’Malley,2007). References Chappell, A. &Lanza-Kaduce, L. (2004). Integrating sociological research and theory with community-oriented policing: Bridging the gap between academics and practice. Journal of Applied Sociology/Sociological Practice, 21(6), 80-98. Kelling, G. & Moore, M. (2008).The evolving strategy of policing. Perspectives on Policing. 4. Retrieved November 21, 2008 from US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice, O’Malley,T.J. (2007). Managing for ethics: A mandate for administrators.FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 66(4).Retrieved August 1, 2008 from Shevory, T. (2003). Organizational structure in American police agencies: Context, complexity, and control. A book review.Albany Suny Press, 13(8), 287. Retrieved November 17, 2008 from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Article Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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