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The Stonemason - Essay Example

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This essay will analyze the legacy of the Civil War as enjoyed by the African American population in the United States. Additionally, the paper will analyze the lifestyle of the working class population in the United States and how this lifestyle is influenced by the legacy of the civil war…
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The Stonemason
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"The Stonemason"

Download file to see previous pages The Stonemason tale is created with a great regard of the history the United States. McCarthy questions who would run the world if history swallows everybody up (74). The African American population regards greatly the efforts displayed by their ancestors in fighting for their freedom and rights. This fact creates the entire legacy that the African American population enjoys. This specific population group believes that they have achieved what they have by right. Additionally, they vow to value what their proprietors fought for and set aside of them. As Brooks writes, Marmee cannot stop weeping as she narrates to March how a slave had had been branded with a red-hot iron on his face (87). The rights of these slaves is what March believes in and in time, March joins the Underground Railroad to help fleeing slaves get to free countries.
As an African American descendant, Ben The Stonemason believes that it was by God’s grace they were redeemed from the shadows of racisms. McCarthy points out that ‘we were pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand (64). This shows that the fact they have freedom in the United States the black population feel that they have everything to be thankful for what they enjoy in the modern century. Additionally, McCarthy portrays the African American population in The Stonemason to be very religious. This cultural preference is due to the fact that the legacy of the Civil War brings out the character of thanks giving to the black population (64). ...
This shows that the fact they have freedom in the United States the black population feel that they have everything to be thankful for what they enjoy in the modern century. Additionally, McCarthy portrays the African American population in The Stonemason to be very religious. This cultural preference is due to the fact that the legacy of the Civil War brings out the character of thanks giving to the black population (64). In The Stonemason Ben believes that the scripture holds the basic requirements of one behavior, ‘you go against the scripture you are on your own, the man up there is not going to help you’ (McCarthy 63). On a negative note, the African Americans are argued to be misunderstanding the legacy the Civil War brought to the society. This is because of the increased conflicts between them. In The Stonemason, Ben lost his nephew, Soldier, due to the street battles. The creation of gangs in championing for the rights of the youths has gone against what the ancestors fought for in the civil war. However, McCarthy points out that it is these small acts of valor may all that is visible of great movements of courage within (131). The African American population respects and acknowledges the Civil War and the efforts by their predecessors in redeeming the population group, but it is because of him that I am not reduced by these mysteries but am one more among them (McCarthy 97). They value their right to operate without discrimination whatsoever in a nation where their grandparents struggled for recognition in the normal society. In The Stonemason, Ben orders Soldier to stay off the streets and gangs and go to school. He also offers him a working ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Stonemason Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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