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Daniel Boone and Kit Carson - Essay Example

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In the paper “Daniel Boone and Kit Carson” the author contrasts and compares the two heroes who fearlessly led to the formation of the great America. Such two names are the names of Kit Carson and Daniel Boone, both of who were early frontiersmen…
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Daniel Boone and Kit Carson
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"Daniel Boone and Kit Carson"

Download file to see previous pages From a relationships point of view, both Daniel Boone and Kit Carson had a rocky relationship with the natives, always getting in war with the American Indians. Boone for instance gives various accounts of his escapades with the Indians who once captured him and later killed his brother and tried to kill him. Carson made numerous expeditions which made him more experienced and skilled in the trade and also earned him problems with the natives. He was a general of war during the Mexican-American war where many American Indians were killed, and their land confiscated. These two frontiersmen had to contend with unhappy natives who were not happy with the new people acquiring their land. However, while both of them had problems with the natives, they had differing attitudes towards the natives.Ironically, despite the bad relationship with the local natives who were a risk to his life, Boone seemed to have a better attitude towards the local natives (Early America chapter 3). He sure had bad times with them, but from his text, the reader cannot detect any contempt for the natives. His writing of the American Indians is just descriptions of the events which took place. He gives an account of the various wars and battles that were fought between him and the Indians or between the Indians and other frontiers. In giving his account of the time he was in captivity with the Indians, he never seems to show any contempt. In fact, booms own problem with the other settlers was his increased....
His writing of the American Indians is just descriptions of the events which took place. He gives an account of the various wars and battles that were fought between him and the Indians or between the Indians and other frontiers. In giving his account of the time he was in captivity with the Indians, he never seems to show any contempt. In fact, booms own problem with the other settlers was his increased honest and his expectations that they would also be honest too, leading to him being cheated (Bakeless 342). During this time when he was in captivity, his wife thought him dead because she did not believe that the natives could have kept him alive. Yet, Boone came out of captivity alive and well, and managed to resettle his family again in the Kentucky region at a time and place where there were continual infighting between the natives and the settler frontiers who in the Maryland, Kentucky and Miami (great Miami) regions. While Boones account indicates a positive attitude towards the natives despite the rocky relationship with the natives, the same cannot be said of Carson who actually helped other settler armies in fighting the local natives. Carson was involved in a number of wars where natives were massively killed, displaced from their native land and other crimes committed against them (Boraas 15). He seemed to pledge allegiance to the union. Basically, he was more of a military guy, than he was a settler. His military wrecked havoc wherever he went and participated on war. He did not have mercy towards the local natives and never hesitated on going to fights with these local natives. This was very unlike Boone, who beneath his conflicts with the natives always seemed to understand that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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