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IMMIGRATION ISSUES IN INDONESIA AND AUSTRALIA: REFUGEES, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND ASYLUM SEEKERS Instructor Institution Submission Date Immigration issues in Indonesia and Australia: refugees, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers People move from one country to another for different reasons: voluntary on basis of work and employment, political reasons, family re-unification, natural happenings like disasters, need for one to voluntary change natural surroundings, poverty or for general economic reasons…
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, refugees are persons who would be persecuted within their own countries of nationality on basis of their religion, race, nationality, political stand or opinion or better still membership to a social group (Anon, 2011-12, p. 2). Immigration has been a common practice within the human culture and has been evidenced by the frameworks that have been crafted within government structures of different countries to deal with the feature. Governments acknowledge that there exists immigration into or out of these countries either legally or even illegally and thus the need for regulatory frameworks. Nevertheless, the major concern has been in manning the borders and having clear-cut boundaries between countries. However, there are international human rights that influence government decisions surrounding immigration, which are generally accepted within the international context. Such frameworks are basically meant to cater for refugees and thus covering them and their rights. However, every nation has her foreign policies as decisions that point to the future on accounts of other nations as against her internal decisions. The analysis revolves around the assessment of international as well as internal domestic political and social cultural environment. It also entails setting goals and determining the options on foreign policies regarding the level of porosity in terms of allowing people in as well as out of the country. Of much concern is a problem that has been associated with inclusion as well as exclusion in matters of boundaries in countries. This has been seen to be a critical issue in analysis of critical thinking and practices. This paper therefore intends to evaluate the issue of boundaries and inclusion within the context of Indonesia and Australia. Immigration is a common feature within these countries, though there are guidelines and frameworks that are responsible of regulating the issue within the countries. Moreover, apart from internal regulatory frameworks that govern migration of persons as refugees or even asylum seekers, there are international frameworks that work together for the good of the immigrants. The UNHCR among other UN bodies regulate the issue of migration to other countries of people who pose as refugees or asylum seekers; and thus ensure the proper handling of the persons within international frameworks, which are accented to by international community. Indonesia is a transit country to Australia and offers the cheapest way to refugees or illegal immigrants through the sea. This is because the country is well situated and is the passing point of the immigrants especially those from the Middle East countries, who are headed to Australia for settlement as well as seeking for employment. Indonesia fits transit point because she is made up of many islands and has good entry points through water transport; which proves to be cheap and affordable to the immigrants who in many instances lack enough money for transport through other means. The local anglers and who indulge in the illegal business of ‘smuggling people’ offer transport services to the illegal immigrants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CRITICAL SYSTEMS THINKING AND PRACTICE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
“CRITICAL SYSTEMS THINKING AND PRACTICE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words”, n.d.
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