Multiculturalism In America - Essay Example

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Key arguments regarding the problems of multiculturalism in America.
Multiculturalism can be referred as the framework that advocates for the recognition of the cultural differences and tolerance to such cultural identities within the society…
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Multiculturalism In America
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"Multiculturalism In America"

Download file to see previous pages Multiculturalism is not merely about the demographic composition of the American population, but how political systems frame the cultural diversity especially in participation in national matters (Alonso 24). The United States has witnessed high influx of immigrants from all parts of the world. Multiculturalism is closely related with identity politics, but requires the different religions, ethnic diversity and cultural diversities to be accommodated in the national issues such as representation. Government multiculturalism policies that promote multiculturalism include the federal support of newspapers and television that broadcast in the minority languages, support for minority festivals, encouragement of minority representation in education and politics (Donovan 99). Other public policies that encourage multiculturalism include acceptance of traditional dress codes in schools (Alonso 68). Multiculturalism is problematic since it reinforces the oppression of minorities in the society. Critics of multiculturalism argue that it leads to segregated communities. This is because cultural differences such as traditions, values and shared beliefs are recognized in the nation-level thus denying opportunities for social cohesion (Alonso 63). Although protection of the minorities in the society will reduce the inequalities, racial or cultural based protections of the minorities will exacerbate the inequalities since powerful members of a particular minority group will undermine the opportunities and liberties of the vulnerable members of the particular group (Donovan 123). Feminists argue that multiculturalism will lead to entrenchment of the cultural practices that deny women equality and undermine the protection of women rights in the society. Accordingly, cultural practices like customary law on polygamy and religious laws will undermine the dominant legal system thus perpetrating the inequality of women in the society (Alonso 128). The duty of the government is to safeguard the individual rights, but not group rights. Granting cultural groups specific rights and protections undermines the individual rights to liberty and right of association in the society (Donovan 45). Accordingly, the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution is framed on the ideals of liberty, respect for universal human rights and right to pursue happiness. In addition, American ethos is based on individualism, equality in opportunities and egalitarianism thus all different cultures must internalize in order to ensure societal stability. In this regard, government policies that promote multiculturalism will create social instability and distinct cultural ideas other than those that have governed Americans since independence (Alonso 234). Multiculturalism undermines the struggles for justice and redistribution in the US. The politics of cultural recognition seeks to remedy the status inequality, but redistribution challenges the inequality in distribution of resources and seeks economic restructuring in order to attain economic justice. For instance, Jim Crow laws of the southern states perpetuated political disenfranchisement thus providing opportunities for economic isolation of the Black Americans (Donovan 110). Multiculturalism entrenches cultural distinction thus leading to power differentials that hinder economic justice to the traditionally isolated minority groups like Black Americans (Alonso 178). Critics of multiculturalism argue that cultures should not be preserved since they are influenced by immigration, imperialism and international trade. Advancement in technology, influence of the mass media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Multiculturalism In America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Multiculturalism In America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...policies. Ronald Takaki, a professor at University of California, Berkeley said that "Multiculturalism and immigration are not only a large part of America's past, they are an inescapable part of our future" (Durkin, 2008). According to his estimate, the current minorities in US would become the majorities by the year 2060 pushing out the Americans of European decent into the minority group. This would potentially cause a shift in the political system, democracy, economics and all decision making amongst other problems. 2. Discrimination Another criticism of multiculturalism is that it does exactly the opposite of what its intended meaning is. According to the Ayn Rand Institute...
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...Multiculturalism in America Multiculturalism in America Introduction Constitutional acceptance of cultural diversities has always helped many countries to grow rapidly in the socio-economic front. The present day world has realized the need for conglomerated cultural participation in socio-economic and political arenas to substantiate the comprehensive development of different communities. Multiculturalism broadly refers to a society which caters multiple cultures. Policies that comply with multiculturalism are very important to a country like the USA where people from diverse regions around the globe live and work together. The US...
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... School: MULTICULTURALISM Lecturer: MULTICULTURALISM There is an adage that variety is the spice of life; meaning that where there is diversity, the beauty of life becomes best exhibited. As depicted in the video, this adage could also be implied in the contemporary business environment to depict the relevance of having a multi-cultural workforce. However, there have been some challenges with the management of multi-cultural firms that has made most human resource managers not preferred having to do with a multi-cultural workforce (Christensen, 2011). Such challenges notwithstanding, the advantages of having multiculturalism still promote the need to overcome these challenges and make multiculturalism the focus of modern business... ...
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...MULTICULTURALISM Introduction There has been an increasing debate on the issue of Multiculturalism across the word in respect to the high rate of immigration experienced in Europe and the west. Several countries present different ideology towards this concept and the outcome is always different. Taking the case of Canada, the issue of Multiculturalism has gained political momentum in major cities like Vancouver among others. In regard to urban politics, there is need to tackle the relationship between pluralist policy in connection to Multiculturalism concept that has been part of Canadian community for decades now. The political and demographic aspect of...
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...Number] Rogerian Argument In “The Chinese in All of Us”, Richard Rodriguez explores Multiculturalism. Rodriguez talks about the effects that multiculturalism of the American society had on his life. Being the son of Spanish speaking Mexican immigrant parents, he narrates the constant encounters he experienced while growing up in America. In defense of all the labelling and accusations he faced as a reaction to his book, which highlighted issues such as bilingual education and affirmative action, he wrote his understanding of the issue of Multiculturalism while maintaining one’s own ethnic identity. He further elaborates, that though America is a blend of...
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...Reflection: Multiculturalism Reflection: Multiculturalism The main issue that has covered in our lecture s is about multiculturalism. According to its definition, multiculturalism basically describes the concept of being accommodative to diversity exhibited by people. In this case, each and every person should acknowledge that there is a large number of cultures and ways of life in the entire world. In this case, I think that with the wake of globalization, it is the high time that individuals and society embrace that the entire world belongs to a large number of people that cannot be stopped by physical barriers. This, therefore, means that the society should open its...
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