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The Iranian Revolution - Research Paper Example

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Author Tutor Course Date The Iranian Revolution Introduction The Iranian Revolution (also referred to as the Islamic Revolution/1979 Revolution) details the events entailing the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynast ruled by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was considered a close ally to western governments such as the U.S…
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The Iranian Revolution
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"The Iranian Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages By then Khomeini had had resisted Shah for extended periods, and as a result, exiled. Khomeini depicted himself as pursuing the footsteps of Ali, A Shia Imam, who had resisted the rule of a tyrant. As a result of his growing popularity, majority of the clergy, at home, sought to galvanize the crowds by presenting Islamic causes. At the heart of this opposition, was his pro-CIA stance, his earlier alliance in Operation Ajax, his pro-Israel stance, and the perceived move towards westernization, which was demonized. There are objective and subjective factors that contributed to the manifestation of the Iranian revolution and establishment of an ideology representing an amalgam of religious imagery, nationalism, and socialism, which can be widely described as a mode of third-world populism. The controversy detailed that the struggle against imperialism dictated by political discourse within the two decades preceding the revolution. It was apparent that two strategic mistakes were undertaken: namely, abandonment of the question of democracy, and underestimation of the influence wielded by the Islamic clergy. The paper explores some of the Shah's policies that may have played a part in driving the revolutionaries’ agenda forward during the Islamic revolution. ...
In antagonizing a core constituent, that is the Shia religious leadership, Shah was unknowingly creating a rich ground for rebellion. A revolution is mainly explained through failure of state dwelling on either objective or subjective factors. With regard to structural factors, the government denigrates or alienates its social bases of support (either via reform or repression) while perception relates to a sense that state repression has loosened, hence an opportunity for action arises. While some historians (with 20-20 hindsight) asserted that the Islamic Revolution presented a reasonable product of Iran’s political evolution, an analysis of the past happenings is not satisfactory that the origin of the revolution has been explored fully. The Iranian revolution was distinct based on the surprise that it generated around the world. The revolution lacked numerous customary causes of revolution such as disgruntled military, peasant rebellion, defeat at war, and financial crisis; it generated immense changes at a fast speed, was immensely popular among the masses; and, substituted a modernizing autocratic monarchy with a theocracy grounded in the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists (Amuzegar 9). Even at the height of street protests and demonstrations, neither Iranians nor its key allies such as the U.S officials perceived the possibility that Iran’s armed troops, which was highly modernized and the largest, would be incapable of dealing with the revolutionaries (Coughlin 4). A number of structural weaknesses are frequently cited as comprising a structure of political opportunities favourable to revolution. 1) The monarch’s social support was weakened by the reforms, whereby the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Iranian Revolution
...Introduction The Iranian Revolution (also referred to as the Islamic Revolution/1979 Revolution) details the events entailing the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynast ruled by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was considered a close ally to western governments such as the U.S. The demonstrations against the Shah regime started in October 1977 and developed in to a widespread campaign of civil resistance that can be regarded as partly religious and secular, and reached fever pitch on January 1978. The royal reign ultimately collapsed shortly after the defeat of the loyal troops by guerrilla and rebel troops in armed street battles. After the fall of Pahlavi Dynasty, Iran voted...
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...for nationalization the oil industry. Mosaddeq was arrested by the cooperation between the Iranian army and CIA. After this incident, Shah created the SAVAK, in 1957. The was responsible for training this group. SAVAK’s task was to suppress opponents of the Shah of Iran and give a close watch over the people. They also fought opponents of the Iranian people. They employed all kinds of torture and starvation in prison, in addition, to the physical liquidation of the opposition leaders (Lorentz 10). Shah announced, in 1963, that the white revolution will bring women's freedom and it would support the social life. He also maintained that the industrial life and the laws that protect the...
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...Economic Crisis in the Iranian Revolution Economic Crisis during Revolution The economic crisis in Iran during the 1970’s was mainly caused by Shah’s lack of legitimacy and political strategy for dividing and ruling the Iranians. Shah’s regime was the main cause of his downfall considering the fact that it was corrupt and had misinformed intelligence service. This chapter will give a chronological event during which the economic crisis period began from around the 70s till the revolution. Nationwide massive strikes among the opposition and protesters, the military government and increasing opposition will be explored as major causes of economic crisis in Iran. This chapter will also look at how Khomeini upped his game to topple... the regime...
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