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This paper seeks to trace the manner in which the Chinese Communist Party’s ideologies have transformed and changed over the last three and a half decades. The first change that the paper would discuss is the transformation of the party with respect to Marxism…
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The Chinese Communist Partys Ideological Change
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"The Chinese Communist Partys Ideological Change"

Download file to see previous pages There have been many changes in the political systems and in particular to the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party, from 1978, when the then leader of the party and the country Deng Xiaoping began to initiate reforms and a movement towards a more market oriented economy. According to Misra (1998, p.272) and other scholars predicted the imminent decline and demise of the Marxist ideology in China, while other scholars who held a contrary opinion held that the ideology is not on its death bed; rather it is on its path to recovery (Brugger and David 1990, p.7). Ordinary Chinese citizens had become tired with the ideologies of the party and those of the its high profile leaders, it was perceived by the masses as more of a privileged society but less in touch with what is happening on the ground, this majorly began in the late 1990s. Currently, there is a general feeling amongst the populace that the Chinese Communist Party is riddled with corruption, and its sheer size complicates effectiveness of the party. Pro-democracy scholars and activist have a firm belief that the Party has lost its relevance in this century, and that the current leaders have lost legitimacy from the people and that they suffer from governance issues and this will ultimately lead to its collapse. After the death of the Chinese leader, Deng in 1997, majority of leaders in the west and particularly the United States predicted the collapse and adoption of ideologies of democracy in China. Most of them had predicted in the late 1990s that the regime would eventually collapse in the year 2010; this has happened, as the current leader is tightening these political policies but opening up the economy. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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