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The Third World War-- the Cold War - Essay Example

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The Third World War- The Cold War Introduction A War is an ultimate scenario of destruction. The world has already witnessed two World wars. It nearly had the third one. On paper, it may not have faced the third one but there were glimpses of that happening in many parts of the world…
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The Third World War-- the Cold War
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"The Third World War-- the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages During the cold war period, the third world suffered more than those two countries. Beginning of the Cold War After the end of the World War II, there was a race between the United States and the Soviet Union to be the superpower in the whole world. This conflict started from 1945 onwards and it lasted for over 45 years till 19911. This is known as the Cold War. The two superpowers tried their best to dominate the world in their own way which suited their interest. As a result, when both these countries confronted each other in any part of the world, there was a sense of tension between them. This was mainly due to the fact that both of them were aware of each other’s power. However, both the US and the USSR never broke into any kind of a direct war. And since there was no “hot” war between them, it is known as the cold war2. The cold war had impact on more parts of the world than the World War II. There were real wars in many parts of the world due to the cold war. With the use of the nuclear weapons during the World War II, many people had this fear that this might lead to the third world war, which did not happen fortunately. Otherwise, with the nuclear weapons available to both these nations, they are capable of destroying the whole world, not once but many times. During the Second World War both these countries joined their hands and were able to defeat the Germans. But after this, the quest to become the superpower of the world started between these two nations. Interestingly, they were very much familiar with each other’s power. As a result, none of them did actually break down into a direct state of war. Truman Doctrine and the role of containment On March 12, 1947, the president of the U.S. gave a speech to a joint session of congress. He addressed the state of global affairs while he did not discuss anything regarding “containment” being a strategic concept3. He pointed towards the economic need of Greece and Turkey. This proposal for economic assistance was termed as “Truman Doctrine”. The Greek government has asked for an urgent help from the U.S., both financially and economically. Greece, being not a rich country was under tremendous economic pressure. As a result of the invasions by the foreign nations they were in a state of bother. They were in such a condition that they did not have funds for food, cloth and shelter. Same was the case with Turkey, but it was somehow in a better position than Greece4. The main objective of the foreign policy of the U.S. was to create such conditions so that they can be in a state of harmony with other nations. For this reason, the U.S. participated in an immense way in the creation of the United Nations. The main objective of the United Nations was to arrange freedom for all its members5. It started a new relationship with the Soviet Union and the world. The Truman Doctrine described urgency on the part of the U.S. to help Greece and on the same hand, to stop the spread of communism. With this foreign policy the U.S. was trying to earn the support of their people showing their mercy character towards others. Eventually it was also a way towards making them a leader in front of the world. Great Britain being unable to help out Greece and Turkey, the U.S. had taken this opportunity to look for extending their help to other poor nations with sole motive of acquiring them. U.S. accomplishments The United States has a very interesting history regarding the invasions it made in the past. There was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
..., the Society Union was officially dissolved in 1991. The cold war was declared officially at the Malta Summit on December 3, 1989 by George Bush (Arne, 2007). References Arne, O. (2007). The global cold war: Third world interventions and the making of our times. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Brown, A. (2011). The rise and fall of communism. Oxford: Ecco Press. Leffler, M. (2008). For the soul of mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War. New York: Hill and Wang Publishers. Lewis, J. (2006). The cold war: A new history. New York: penguin...
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Cold war extend patriotism to economic and philanthropic efforts across other nations around the world (Foner 878). With tremendous economic power, the Americans continued advocacy for free market capitalism while the Soviets maintained loyalty to communist ideals. Either side highly aimed for the respective citizens to acquire better form of liberty from the advantage of the prevailing ideological system. To the Americans, this alluded further triumph and progress with the innovative capacity and affluence of capitalism whereas communism was perceived to equate with oppression. When the Soviets adopted egalitarianism though, they accused the West of being materialistic and greedy. The Cold...
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.... References Arne, O. (2007). The global cold war: Third world interventions and the making of times. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Print Brown, A. (2011). The rise and fall of communism. Oxford: Ecco Press. Print Leffler, M. (2008). For the soul of mankind: The United States and the Cold War. New York: Hill and Wang Publishers. Print Lewis, J. (2006). The cold war: A new history. New York: Penguin publishers. Print Pipes, R. (2003). Communism: A history. Harvard modern library. Print Sanders, T. (2005). Encounters in world history: Sources and themes from the global past. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers. (Bahm, Enright, and van Tyull, (2011). Historical Contexts and Literature. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.... ?...
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...Prof’s The Cold War had many causes, but the fundamental causes were the fact that the United s and the Soviet Unions were by far the two most powerful countries in the world during the Cold War years (Chafe 2009: 117), and the fact that the two believed each other’s existence to be anathema to the other: that either capitalism or communism would need to be a new world order. The United State’s strategy during the Cold War shifted slightly, but also remained surprisingly constant. One of the pillars of this strategy was not ever involving the United States in direct confrontation with the Soviet Union:...
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... justice and equality across race, culture and color. The cold war era had therefore emerged as a highly critical phenomenon that had significantly influenced the world polity with wide ramifications on the national issues of the countries across the world. (words: 266) Work cited Belmonte, Laura A. Speaking of America, Vol II: History of American People since 1863. 2nd ed. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2007. Murrin, John M., Johnson, Paul E., et al. Liberty, Equality, Power, Vol. II. 6th ed. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print.... Cold War was a unique phenomenon of post WW2 international relations when the two nations, especially the two superpowers: USA; and USSR had developed hostile relations defined by...
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