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Charlie Wilson's War - Lessons Learned - Essay Example

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Lessons from Charlie Wilson's War Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Charlie Wilson’s war has countless insights helpful for national security professionals and politicians involved in messy processes and decisions culminating into world-changing events. Charlie died has always been associated with the conclusion of Soviet Union and the initiation of the Taliban, although the US inadvertently created the Taliban through arming of the afghan jihad when opposing the Soviet Union during the 1980s…
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Charlie Wilsons War - Lessons Learned
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"Charlie Wilson's War - Lessons Learned"

Download file to see previous pages The war offers an appropriate emphasis on the secretive war waged by the CIA in Afghanistan without the notice of American public, to avoid public debates and protests that accompany publicized wars. US department of foreign affairs at the time denied knowledge of US arm purchases for distribution to Afghan rebels. Even though, the US officially denied its role in availing weapons to Afghani fighters, mainly the Mujahedeen, the war in Afghanistan acted as a catalyst that facilitated the end of soviet empire. Though the US did not claim credit in the war, the Mujahedeen as well as other Muslims never considered the US as being crucial to the war success. The secrecy of the war bore unforeseen consequences with regard to the relationship between the United States and Afghanistan (Chodakiewicz, 2008). Consequently, US face tense relations with Afghanistan; therefore, the war offers a great lesson that interventionist foreign policy can result in unforeseeable negative consequences. In addition, it is apparent that the US profoundly lacked continuity in its foreign policy; even after the expulsion of Soviets, it abandoned Afghanistan, as it had no plans and strategies for the country’s future apart from the its revenge to Soviet. Therefore, Taliban as well as the al Qaeda took advantage of the situation since the US concentrated on the imminent problems, and failed to anticipate and neutralize potential threats (Jalal, 2010). Thus, from the war is that it is important for the US or any other country to deploy resources in assisting in times of crisis especially in wars and when the danger apparently passes, it should ensure stability has been fostered in the war regions. Another crucial lesson in the war regards the role of women in politics like heiress Joanne, who are important allies in political undertakings since they have the time, vision, passion and means for organizing extra-governmental activities. This is because American women can arrange parties, invite key players and inconspicuously achieve results using their charm and perseverance that enables them to reach the mighty. In this case, they fund or sponsor non-governmental propagandas attacks and at times political-military movements; therefore, women usually are the main supporters of public mediation as well as private undercover activities. Consequently, influential American women influence their wealthy friends to support generously any kind of adventure this is common, and does not only apply in Afghanistan (Michael, 2003). The other insight from the war is the concern relating to the informal aspects of democratic system like backdoor deals being the norm in congress, where politicians accepts perks in corridors, clubs and lobbies. Moreover, the system is often bi-partisan considering that obscure things mysteriously appear to be part of agenda and get voted in. Nevertheless, the war portrays the US response to be firmly rooted in the US’s rampant anti-communism following the disaster in Vietnam. Americans fear of the communism expansion drove them to support Mujahedeen, as replicated in the famous oratory used by Charlie in bolstering backing for his cause. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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