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Reason and Democracy - Essay Example

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Reason and Democracy Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Democracy can be understood as a governance system that not only gets its authority from the masses but also that governs on the basis of the needs of the masses and does their will. There have been a number of definitions of democracy, both formal and informal ones…
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Reason and Democracy
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"Reason and Democracy"

Download file to see previous pages To understand how democracy and reason are tightly coupled, it is good to understand the history of human government, and how the various struggles for democracy have been lodged. Looking at the history of democracy, it is good to understand what used to be the alternative forms of government before democracy became the main form of government around the world. History shows as that soon as civilisation of man come around, forms of government that were formed were anything else other than a government. Societies were so entrenched in these systems that those who were on the oppressed side of these other forms of government could almost not be able to comprehend that they could have a free democratic space. Pioneers of democracy such as Thomas Jefferson (Jefferson 5) and his team in America had to use reason in order to determine why a new form of government was not only important but also eminent. In his declaration of independence, for instance, Thomas Jefferson used a language that appealed to reason. In the case of Jefferson, it can be very clear that it is only by being able to appeal to reason that one is able to explain the need and show that democracy is not only imminent but it is also eminent. Reason can be seen as the mother and father of democracy in at least two ways. First, without reason, those who first came up with the idea of democracy, and that there should be a new form of government could not have been able to come up with these ideas in the first place. Looking at history and analysing the various heroes of democracy indicates these people have to reason and realise that the current forms of government at their times were not the best ones. The other reason why reason can be seen as the mother of democracy is the fact that after giving birth to the idea of democracy, reason acts as the nurse that makes sure that this idea is grown and delivered into maturity. After conceiving the idea of democracy, one must use reason to convince at least two groups of people about the idea of democracy. The first group is the group that is in the disadvantaged side of the non-democratic system because this group must be convinced that a new form of government can and must be achieved. The fight for democratic governance is not an easy one, and it is necessary to appeal to the reasoning of these people in order to motivate them to fight the hard fight for the new form of democracy. Jefferson and his team seemed to have understood this very well, and they wrote a well crafted declaration of independence that would convince people that they deserved a good governance system and that they should fight it to the bitter end. This technique has since been used by a number of American leaders. The most recent use of this can be seen in president Obama’s (2009) speech in Cairo where he tried to use persuasive language to create rapport between the united stated of American and Egypt and the Islamic world at large. The second group that needs a very clearly stated appeal to reason is those on the softer side of a non-democratic government system. These individuals must be convinced that democracy, in the long run is inevitable and that the sooner they give up and allow democracy to reign, the better. In this case, reason is used to persuade these people that they can do it the hard way or the easy way, but either way, they will have to be let go and let democracy rule. More than anything ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Reason and Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Reason and Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words. https://studentshare.org/history/1478513-reason-and-democracy.
“Reason and Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1478513-reason-and-democracy.
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Democracy and Reason
There should be a sound reasoning on which democracy should be based and therefore this paper attempts to explore that reason and democracy are interrelated concepts and it can be considered that both ideas cannot be separated from each other (Spragens, 20).
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Can a Person Believe in Democracy as a Form of Government unless he/she also Believes in the Power and Ablitiy of Human Reason
It is generally accepted that democracy is referred to as “government by the people” or a government form wherein the people are considered to be the primary source of supreme political power which they may directly exercise or indirectly employ through representatives elected under the rule of majority (Defining Democracy, 2012).
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The Linked of Democracy and Reason
However, the ability of a person to reason encompasses his or her ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate the existence of various issues, which affect human life. A person’s ability to find solutions to such issues depends on the ability to reason.
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The relationship between reason and democracy
In many ways, modern Democracy is the child of the enlightenment, a European movement whose start and end dates can be difficult to describe – sometime between the end of the Renaissance and the start of the modern period – where different values than had previously been important began to be important.
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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy
This could be direct participation or through representatives, who help in the creation of laws (Copp et al. 40). Moreover, the cultural practices and economy equally and freely develop due to the self-determination in the politics. In addition, reason deals with the capacity of an individual’s conscious in making sense of issues (Copp et al.
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The Idea of Reason and Democracy
However, though there are a lot of good associated to with this gift, I strongly believe that democracy or freedom should always be tempered with reason. Democracy is defined as a government wherein the supreme power is vested in the people and is exercised through a system of representation which is done through free elections.
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Reason Behind Democracy
This paper analyses the relationship between human reason and democracy. It shows that Reason is needed to form and sustain democracy. In other words, Reason forms informs and guides democracy, so a person who believes in democracy also asserts that people have the power and ability of human reason to create and sustain
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Reason and democracy
Democracy refers to a governmental system under which all citizens eligible to the state have equal rights and say on matters that affect their lives. Democracy encourages equal participation of all eligible citizens in the electoral process and other indirect activities that involve development of the nation.
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Democracy and Reason
Likewise, with regards to the writings and beliefs that grew from the Enlightenment, these were also inexorably linked to the idea that reason and rationalism have given birth to the ability of mankind to set up a better form of government and self regulation of activity.
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