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Dissertation on Community Boundaries relevant to Poverty Alleviation [University] Abstract This paper aims to investigate the moral relationship of community boundaries with the alleviation of poverty. Discussion is based upon the profound analysis of national and communal restrictions which forms different societies and communities in the world…
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Community boundaries: relevant to poverty alleviation
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"Community boundaries: relevant to poverty alleviation"

Download file to see previous pages People deprived of basic necessities are generally known as poor and their living condition with respect to the environment is called poverty. For instance, there is a significant majority of individuals who are substantially unable to earn lowest wages per day. In addition to this they even do not have means to fulfill their bodily needs. However, one must have food, clothing and shelter in order to maintain minimum standard of life. This paper would be of great significance for all those who have keen interest in History and Political Sciences in addition to those who actively participate in various researches conducted on the same subject. Community boundaries define the complex characteristics of people in addition to their solidarity, trust, sympathy and commitment with one another. Community can be built upon various factors including interest, geographical location or the communion i.e. the sense of attachment. This indicates that the community boundaries can be very effective in alleviation of poverty. Moreover, this paper will be analyzing this particular topic in greater detail with suitable references from books, journals and websites. In this paper a brief introduction to the topic is given followed by a thesis statement and literature review. Afterwards community boundaries and its relevance to morality are discussed and alleviation of poverty is explained through descriptive analysis. This is followed by different arguments strictly related to the subject and with reference to the theories of political and ethical international relations. Conclusions are made with the help of brief analysis of the complete topic. Introduction is substantial in order to inform the reader about basic terminologies used in the paper and the brief history of the research subject. Thesis statement puts forward the main points of investigation while ascertaining that the content of this paper do not deviate from the most important and substantial arguments. Thesis statement plays the most significant role in dissertation papers since they aim to provide brief overview of what the paper is holding for the readers. Additionally, it restricts the overall discussion through direct questions which actually helps in building comprehensive arguments. Literature Review refers to the wide-ranging analysis of all the related and relevant research articles, books, journals, expert opinions, website reviews, etc. In this part substantial arguments of renowned authors and researchers are presented. Literature Review is yet another important part of research analysis since it develops deeper understanding of the subject in addition to explaining the complex details related to the subject under consideration. Furthermore they would be useful in making substantial conclusions. On the basis of two contradicting parts of the research questions analysis is done i.e. whether or not community boundaries are morally relevant to alleviate poverty. Finally the conclusion has a reflection of the overall study, analysis and literature review. Should national or other community boundaries be morally relevant in alleviation of poverty? Introduction Today the global population is facing intense adverse affects of poverty since only 1.2% of the total world’s income is availed by the 46% poor population around the globe (THOMAS W. POGGE, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Boundaries: Relevant to Poverty Alleviation Dissertation.
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