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Answer the three questions by writing at least a page stating your opinion on each question - Essay Example

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Date Question #1: Do you support the death penalty? Why or why not? Death penalty generally involves the execution of defendant in an event that he or she is convicted of a crime whose ultimate penalty is death penalty…
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Answer the three questions by writing at least a page stating your opinion on each question
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"Answer the three questions by writing at least a page stating your opinion on each question"

Download file to see previous pages I, like majority of Americans support death penalty. I have a number of reasons for supporting death penalty. The first reason for supporting it is informed by the belief that retribution is a crucial remedy for crime committed. In particular, I consider death penalty as a natural human response to heinous crimes such as murder. If the defendant is found guilty of taking away a life of another human being, then the life of that particular defendant should also be taken, as that is the only punishment that measures to the crime. The second reason for supporting death penalty is informed by the belief that it will act as a deterrent for other persons who may be considering or may consider in the future to commit similar crime. The severity of death penalty will make it less likely for a person to commit a crime that calls for such a punishment. The final reason for supporting death penalty is incapacitation; this punishment ensures that a convicted offender will not have a chance of committing the same crime again as society will get rid of him or her completely. #2: Do convicted murderers spend too much time on death row before their sentences are carried out? The duration that convicted murderers spend on death row prior to the carrying out of their sentences has emerged as one of the topic of interest regarding the death penalty, recently. It is disturbing to know from the available data that some death row inmates have spent over 20 years on death row awaiting execution. What is more disturbing about this situation is the fact that during this delayed time, these inmates are generally isolated from other inmates, as well as being excluded from prison employment and educational programs. While there are those who think that convicted murderers do not spend too much time on death row before their sentences are carried out, I believe that they do. I think that murderers do spend too much time on death row, a thinking that is informed by available data and statistics. According to Death Penalty Information Center, the duration that the murderers in the United States spend on death row has become increasingly longer in recent years. Using data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Death Penalty Information Center states that the average time between sentencing and execution of murderers in the United States is 178 months (Death Penalty Information Center para 7). This data confirms that indeed murderers spend too much time on death row before their sentences are carried out. This long duration takes huge toll on the inmates, their families, and on the taxpayers. While death penalty proponents and opponents alike agree that careful review that may require longer time is imperative, they agree that too much time is harmful and justice system should find ways of reducing this unacceptable long duration. #3: Can you be a good American and not vote? Traditionally, voting rights have been considered as central to democratic citizenship. Citizenship generally implies a bundle of social, political, and civil rights, all of which can greatly be reflected through voting. Essentially, citizenship is a full membership status in a self-governing polity. This conception involves the electoral rights where citizens participate in collective self-government through voting for representatives or directly. Often, it is through voting fo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer the three questions
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