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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Book Review: ‘England: The Culture’ The book, the England: The Culture is a historical book outlying the cultural changes that have taken place in England. Errin Banting authored the book and the Crabtree Publishers published it in New York in the year 2004…
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Download file to see previous pages The most vital aspects of the book is that it addresses vital areas that include the influential culture of England, many faiths, celebrating religion, festivals of the past and present, different styles of music, centuries of art, and styles of architecture (Banting 04). These elements and components of the society are vital for anyone visiting such societies since understanding the same will facilitate and ensure there is a smooth blending into the same despite the disparities that may be in two different societies or cultures. According to Banting, England is one of the influential places in the entire world, throughout the history. He further notes that England has been influential in areas including politics, economy, and culture. Understanding politics, economy, and culture of England will help me gauge my participation in politics since it helps me know what steps or socially participations that are never needed by the political policies of this country (Banting 04). Understanding the English literature and music as well as artists and musicians is vital since these are the elements of everyone’s social life. ...
Some of the nations that were under the colony of England include Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland all of which inclusive of England forms the United Kingdom. The book further indicates that the recent migration of persons from different parts of the world including north and south America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean island greatly influenced the England culture since these migrants have brought their customs and traditions in this country (Banting 06). The understanding of cultural and traditional diversity is of England is quite vital since will enable be to understand each group or set of immigrants with its different culture. Such understanding and embracing each group will reduce any means of misunderstanding of any group that might make me feel out of place. Moreover, since American culture or immigrants form part of the blended English diverse culture, I may decide to trace the England Americans so I may live among them so I may still feel at home though far away from home. Banting also recorded that England harbors many faiths. The history of the early inhabitants of England indicates that they were hunters and gatherers who had faith in gods and goddesses that they believed controlled nature. They buried the dead in massive stone structures and performed religious ceremonies to appease their spiritual worlds and gods as well as goddesses. However, history changed so many things in the England’s spiritual world (Banting 05). In 700 B.C, the Celts emerged from the central Europe and they believed that they were the only group that had a spirit in nature. Their spiritual leaders communicated with spirits through rituals, performing sacrifices, and healing the sick. According to Banting, some of the Celtic people of England are still ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Book or Film Report /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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