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How did the wars between the French Republic and the monarchies of Europe lead to the Terror and the Napoleonic Empire - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Subject Date How did the wars between the French Republic and the monarchies of Europe led to the Terror and the Napoleonic Empire? Introduction France like many nations of the world has had past wars. The most significant of the war was between the French Republic and European monarchies…
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How did the wars between the French Republic and the monarchies of Europe lead to the Terror and the Napoleonic Empire
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"How did the wars between the French Republic and the monarchies of Europe lead to the Terror and the Napoleonic Empire"

Download file to see previous pages This war was later dominated by Napoleon who fought against the seven coalitions of European states. The origin of this war trace back to the ousting of the monarchy Louis XVI by the revolution (Wilde 1). The revolution installed a government that was not favorable with the rest of Europe. This led to ideological differences as the monarchies and empires were against the newly instituted rule. There was objection from the families and relatives of affected individuals. The nations of central Europe were against declaration issued by Austria and Prussia in 1791 of restoring the monarchy as they had an interest of dividing Poland amongst them (Waller 75). In fact, they changed the wording of declaration of Pillnitz so that they could avoid war. However, France misunderstood the document and launched a protective mechanism against the nations on April 1792 (Wilde 1). Initially, the war was faced by difficulties especially after an invading Germany took Verdum and moved close to Paris. However, the French managed to push the advancing enemies back. On November 19 of the same year, the National Convention assisted people who were willing to regain their lost freedom (Wilde 1). This was a justification to the creation of allied buffer zones around France. On December 15 on the same year, they made a vow that the revolutionary laws of France were to be advanced abroad by use of their armies. Additionally, France engaged in an initiative of territorial expansion. They felt that they would be protected by opposing and overthrowing any king in authority. Consequently, the association of European state came together to oppose these developments as a first coalition (Waller 75). This led to combat that lasted over two decades that eventually led to the fall of the revolution. This paper seeks to focus on how the war led to the terror and the Napoleonic Empire. Reign of Terror The war between the French republic and monarchies of Europe led to the rise of the reign of terror. This reign lasted from 1789 to 1799. When France went to war against Austria, there was a need for more men to fight the approaching enemy. As a result, Danton that called for more men to join the French army instituted a convention. This led to serious revolts that were against the deliberations of the convention. Major revolts were experienced in Vendee as the peasants defied the authority of the meeting and design of revolution (Bastille Day History 1). They agitated for the reestablishment of the monarchy. They led to rise of civil war between the Vendeen and the guards of the established republic. As a result, over 100, 000 people died (Bastille Day History 1). On April 6 1793, a committee was created and led to the establishment of the new government led by Robespierre. Serious measures were put to counter resistance locally and French military defeats in Belgium. The Girondists were accused of military crisis, and 22 of its members were guillotined (Bastille Day History 1). This was the decline of the true revolution ideas. The reign of terror spread to the rest of the country on September 1793. Consequently, hundreds of French were killed to instill frightening trend of anger and decadence. Those perceived to be the enemy of the revolution were arrested and executed without trial. This led to the death of over 40,000 people in a period of 15 months (Bastille Day History 1). The period after this saw the death of many other people through Guillotine. One of those was the wife of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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