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The French Revolution - Essay Example

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Revolutions have been a dominant feature of human societies since time immemorial, with the legacies of the rise and fall of great monarchs and empires standing out in the history of most cultures all over the world. A huge number of historians and historical studies have paid…
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The French Revolution
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"The French Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Lasting from 1789 to 1799, the French Revolution was an era of profound social and political turbulence that not only shaped the French, but also the entire trajectory of modern history. That is, the French Revolution was marked by great and revolutionary events that left a permanent mark on the history of the French and modern history; the most outstanding events of the French Revolution are the fall of powerful monarchies and churches as well as the rise of both democracy as well as nationalism. Successive years of poor harvest coupled by a serious economic crisis following a two years long war lead to the rise of deep resentment for the advantaged position of the clergy and the Aristocracy, thereby fuelling the demands for change (Eye witness to history, 2007). Enlightenment ideals were held in high esteem in this period, leading to the meeting of the Estates-General in 1989 and the announcement of the Tennis Court Oath by members of the Third Estate in the same year. These events were later followed by the assault on Bastille, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, as well as the march on Versailles, eventualities which many contemporaries consider to have set the revolution in motion. In the following years, after the rise of the revolution, different liberal assemblies were in constant struggles with right-wing supporters of the Monarch whose intent was to frustrate the reform movement; following the declaration of a republic in 1892, King Louis XVI was put to death a year later.
The trajectory of the revolution was greatly influenced by a series of external threats as marked by the numerous conquests featured in the revolutionary wars including the conquest of the Italian Peninsula as well as other low lying countries and territories on the west of Rhine. Popular agitations in France eventually climaxed with the rise of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The French Revolution
...? The French Revolution The French revolution s back to 1789. The French people changed their form of government during 1789 revolution. These people were determined to eliminate the excess privilege that was associated with the royal family. Eradicating obnoxious privilege became the most underling slogan to the French revolutionalists. These revolutionalists had avowed to sacrificing everything with a view to acquiring equality. For them to achieve this equality, they had to give up their political liberty. There has been, however, a lack of consensus about what led to the French...
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The French Revolution
...?Harris Kamran History and Political Science Descriptive Essay March The French Revolution The French Revolution was a multi-faceted movement with a variety of underlying reasons, and just as many aspects to its aftermath. It was not merely a political revolution, although political dissatisfaction and ideological motivation formed the basis of this movement. But more interestingly, it was a rebellion against the conventional ideas and the established philosophy, with even religious discord and a struggle for supremacy (Smitha). This paper purports to discuss the main aspects of the revolution, both in terms of its reasons, and its...
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The French Revolution
...The French Revolution The French Revolution took place between 1989 and 1799. This was a period of political and social upheaval in European history. The revolution resulted in the collapse of the ‘absolute’ monarchy that had governed the country for decades. The revolution has been summarized in succinct details in history. According to the research, the monarchy had ruled France for years and as a result a social class had developed whereby there were the poor and the aristocrats (Frey & Linda 68). This social order had developed over the years and the Catholic Church had also played a very huge to maintain the same order. In 1789, a...
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The French Revolution
...FRENCH REVOLUTION The French Revolution was one of the most significant historical events in the history of the world. One of its major accomplishments was to change the political order in France which had dominated for so many years. Change was in the air with the American Revolution having recently taken place across the Atlantic. There was a new way of looking at the role everyone could or should play in a political system that many thought was corrupt and dominated by the monarchy. How was this change effected? To begin with, in 1789, the National Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism in France. They also cancelled all the special privileges of...
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The French Revolution
...The French Revolution “Every visitor brings me intelligence from France full of dismay and horror. I hear of nothing but crimes, assassinations, torture, and death. I am told that every day witnesses a conspiracy; that every town is the scene of a massacre; that every street is blackened with a gallows, and every highway deluged. I hear these things, and repeat to myself, Is this the picture of France? Are these the images of universal joy, which called tears into my eyes, and made my heart throb with sympathy?”............(Helen Maria Williams) This quote, drawn from the work of poet Helen Maria Williams, eloquently describes the horror and carnage that accompanied the French revolution. Thousands perished and the scale... of the...
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The French Revolution
...Origins and impacts of French Revolution Origins and impacts of French Revolution Introduction In 1989, French Revolution started. The main cause of the revolution was arising disputes, which occurred between different social classes in the society of the French. These social classes were third, second and first estates. Third estate social class was the poorest while first estate made of the poor. There being different people with different ideas concerning reform caused the disputes. The revolution took a period of ten years and ended in the year 1989. One of the long-range causes of...
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The French Revolution
...January 24, The Roots of the French Revolution in 1789: Social, Political, and Economic Conflicts When the French Revolution erupted in 1789, to outsiders, it might had seemed too quick and too violent; but for the masses and the colored people who experienced undue socio-economic strife for decades before the war started, they waited too long already to act on their concerns and rights. The French Revolution, hereinafter called the Revolution, did not happen overnight because it was a product of many years of exploitation of the poor, including the slaves, in both France and its colonies. Though increasing taxes seemed...
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The French Revolution
...French Revolution Introduction It was the late eighteenth century when the upheaval of the French civilization took place. Historians call this upheaval the French Revolution, which established principles of democracy and liberalism in French society (McKay and Hill). This paper is focusing on the event of French Revolution, where the objectives are to uncover the main happenings of the event. How history recalls French Revolution is the question to be addressed and answered in this paper. The French Revolution People Attitudes at the...
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The French Revolution
...The French revolution was one of the most important events that took place in modern times. It as a result crafted the future outlook of the Europeancontinent. The Revolution became an emblem for people of all parts of the world seeking to break the shackles of oppression and tyranny enforced upon them. The causes of the revolution were multifaceted. These factors ranged from political to economic, military expenditures, cultural and intellectual stagnation. The revolution saw number of twists and turns, making it look like a failure on many accounts and a success on others. The reign of terror was another characteristic event of the war (Vardalos and...
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The French Revolution
...Section A 1. King Louis XVI convened the Estates General in 1789 in order to: C. raise tax revenues 2. The lévee en masse, issued in April 1793, was: A. a military requisition upon the entire French nation 3. The major powers at the Congress of Vienna included: d.Russia, Austria, Prussia, and Great Britain 4.The reform movement known as “Chartism” in Britain advocated for changes including: D. all of the above 5. By the end of the nineteenth century, Britain’s industrial advantage was being challenged by the growth of industrial production in: b. Germany. Section B Based on the original goals set out in 1789, was the French Revolution a success or a failure by 1815? The effects of...
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