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How the Roman Republic decayed and became the Roman Empire - Essay Example

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Author Tutor Course Date Why the Roman Republic Decayed and Became the Roman Empire The rise and subsequent fall of the city of Rome was a significant historical event, characterized by the dramatic decline of the republic, to her transformation into an empire…
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How the Roman Republic decayed and became the Roman Empire
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How the Roman Republic decayed and became the Roman Empire

Download file to see previous pages... The prominence of Rome Rome was a small province town which after many wars became the focus and command center of the vast empire of Rome. However, history tells us that it took hundreds of years and a combat of many wars to rise to this prominence. It gained influence over a significant portion of southern Europe, northern Africa, and Middle East. Rome conquered nearly all the surrounding territories going beyond the Mediterranean Sea. It was this military dominance in the region that helped the Roman republic rise and became a formidable force of influence. The republic had appeasing methods of keeping her citizens happy and content. In this endeavor, Rome respected and protected the people’s local cultures with the sole purpose of keeping the people pacified. The Romans in their quest for improved stability, offered a healthier way of life to her war captives, giving them protection, improved mode of doing business, and the freedom to share in her civilization, like the high quality road network. The import market was enhanced, and more affordable goods were made available to the citizens. Under the roman rule, the public enjoyed better and improved livelihood than in their previous regimes. The Roman social planners developed a plan on how to facilitate distribution of economical products such as food that used to contribute to widespread riots. This proper food allocation to its citizens that spread across the whole regime made it gain prominence. Rome’s geographical location’s place of control was another contributing factor. Its control over the Mediterranean Sea gave the regime sizeable amount of dominance. The Roman Republic The founding of Rome is not conclusively documented, in that there is scanty information on how it was initially conceived to its prominence. Nonetheless, mythical explanations state that Rome was initially ruled by kings as a monarchy for many years. As a republic, it began by the overthrow of the traditional roman monarchy, an event that ushered in the introduction of a government that was headed by two representatives. Annual elections were conducted to elect new representatives to head the government. Subsequently, a constitution representing the will of the people was developed. The enactment of this constitution was largely as a result of the struggle between the Patricians and the Plebeians in the effort of the Plebeians trying to prevent Patricians dominance of power. The constitution enabled the participation and representation of everyone at the national level of public affairs, without dominance of a party or ethical group. The fall of Roman Republic The fall of the republic of Rome was motivated by social reasons, military reasons, political reasons, and economic reasons. The fall began with political rivalry within the ranks of power which spread to the city where rival gangs supporting their leaders furthered the rivalry. The two political leaders were Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar. Their rivalry was promoted by their indifference in political leadership when Pompey was appointed, against the spirit of the constitution, to head the consul alone. This angered Caesar who waged war against Rome forcing Pompey to flee. Military Reasons During the roman republic, the army was comprised of citizen soldiers who went to war in defense for their country for some years. This was the product of Rome spreading its territorial control, where the soldiers were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Roman Republic
The explanation of the Roman government structure shows that living in Rome could be a double edged sword. As long as all three parties work unanimously and decide upon decision with equal consultation form all parties, one could never argue about the discrepancies in the divisions of the government ruling.
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What is the Roman Republic? The Roman republic began around 509 BC and existed for over 400 years. During the early Republic, social structures existed in the Roman Republic. It had the patricians, the privileged Roman citizens’ class that had power inclined to their side as a birthright.
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Roman Empire
This scenario saw war inevitable and consequently, Rome sprung into the battle field in many occasions to defend and pursue her interests. Such were a series of wars fought between the Romans and the Carthaginians known as the Punic wars. The second Punic war, fought between 208- 201 BC ( Duiker and Spielvogel 2008 p.
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Many estimate that the empire existed for almost 500 years. The empire was a republic at first but it changed into an empire after the succession of Augustus. This is because he started amassing wealth a strong military power. He then used this opportunity to conquer other provinces and brought them under the Roman Empire.
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Roman Republic
was little more than an armed camp of brigands" that ended up becoming "the greatest man-made power the world had ever seen" (par. 2). The Roman Empire was largely built on military strength, political stability, and advanced infrastructure. Many of these factors were adapted by the Romans in a way that had never before been seen, essentially putting Rome on the cutting edge of civilization.
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This forced the government to raise taxes in order to collect revenue, and this led to inflation. In addition, there was a sharp decline in the middle class. This comprised or artisans and merchants who supported the Roman economy. This
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The emperor, Constantine eventually converted to a Christian and assured his subjects protection. The people’s attitude changed from antagonistic to pacifistic and, as a result, their defense weakened and they were
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