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How did the Roman Republic become the Roman Empire - Research Paper Example

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The rise and fall of the Roman Empire The Roman Empire is the biggest empire that ever existed. It existed even long before the coming of the Christ. It is also the oldest empire that ever existed…
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How did the Roman Republic become the Roman Empire
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"How did the Roman Republic become the Roman Empire"

Download file to see previous pages The Roman Empire owes its expansion to able rulers who ruled with autocracy. The Roman Empire was able to stand for that long because of the religious believes of the Romans. This is because they believed in their supreme deity Jupiter. They believed Jupiter granted them limitless empire. Thus they believed that the whole world should be under their rule perhaps this explain their endless effort to extend their empire. Latin language was the universal language and this provided cohesion. The Roman Empire was so big that it is can be equated with 40 countries of nowadays. It extended from north England, Asia, Africa and Mediterranean. It is also important to note that it has not been smooth ceiling for the Romans in the transition from a republic to an empire. This is because this transition was characterized civil wars as people were against the extension. The Roman Empire had diverse cultures since it existed and controlled many people. The rulers had to adjust to give everyone freedom of worship. Their style of ruling has had a large contribution to the modern politics. Their religion too has affected the way people worship. An example is the Roman Catholic Church. This religion came into existence because of the Christian rulers who ascended to power. The advancement of Roman Empire in such a quick way was because they had military prowess. There was no nation at that time that matched the military prowess of the Romans. They conquered almost the whole of Europe, Asia, Mediterranean, Persia and Egypt. Despite their military prowess, they were unable to conquer Germany. This is because the Germans resisted their advancement. The Germans were decentralized as opposed to other communities that were centralized hence it was difficult to subdue the Germans. This later led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. There were several reasons that made Roman Empire to rise and dominate the largest empire in the world for so long. The first reason is the naval dominance. The Romans dominated the coastline for long. This ensured that they had military or naval advantage since they could locate approaching enemies from far, thus giving them time to prepare. They were also able to deploy their army with ease along the coastline hence giving them military advantage. The naval dominance also was lucrative. This is because they were able to control trade as they controlled the coastline. This enabled them to amass wealth from proceeds of trade. Their success in naval dominance came after the defeat of Carthage by Romans in the Punic war, which gave the Romans the chance to control fully the Mediterranean. The Romans further used appeasement to advance. This is because they ensured that the local were satisfied to reduce military work. They gave the locals freedom of worship and allowed them to observe their culture. This ensured that military concentrated on further advancement of the empire rather than using them for controlling the local thus, they were able to reduce drain on military. The other reason is that the Romans provided political stability and promoted commerce. The people under the Roman Empire received protection from enemies by strong military. They ensured there was free trade and they provided unitary currency to ease transactions. With this, they ensured that the locals were happy to reduce internal conflict. In fact, few people in the Roman Empire were below poverty line. The other reason ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Did the Roman Republic Become the Roman Empire Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1463378--how-did-the-roman-republic-become-the-roman.
“How Did the Roman Republic Become the Roman Empire Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1463378--how-did-the-roman-republic-become-the-roman.
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