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Should the outside world intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Date: Should the outside world intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria? PRO: Yes, the outside world should intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria because … 1. It will go a long way in rescuing innocent people who are perishing in the war…
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Should the outside world intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria
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Should the outside world intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria

Download file to see previous pages... CON: No the outside world should not intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria because: 1. Supporting Syria militarily violates the policy of non-military support 2. Supporting the rebels could lead to militarization of radical rebels within Syrian rebel group 3. Supporting Syria militarily will set a bad precedence, which may prompt the upsurge of rebel groups in many countries. 4. Supporting the Syrian rebels would amount to infringing on the sovereignty of the country. 5. The variation in the support, where some countries support the Syrian government and others support the Rebels may build a rivalry amongst other countries, which is a threat to world peace. The conflict in Syria is among the most deadly in the entire world. Over 70,000 people are dead since peaceful protests turned into a bloody revolution (Foreign Policy, n.p.). Many of these casualties are innocent men, women and children. They are not combatants of any sort but have been victimized by the regime of Bashar al Assad in an effort to suppress the uprising. As the Syrian conflict drags on, it is becoming increasingly clear that something must be done to end the bloodshed and arrive at an agreement between all of the parties involved in the conflict. Currently the international community and Syrians engaged in the battle are wondering what the best way to end this conflict is. I believe strongly that there are several good reasons the outside world should intervene to help the victims of violence in Syria. The first reason the outside world should intervene in Syria is the fact that innocent lives are being destroyed by a cruel, authoritarianregime. I believe that the free and powerful nations of the world have the duty to help spread the ideals of freedom and justice to all people. Sometimes this requires free nations to support revolutions that are violent and messy from a diplomatic perspective. Many innocent people are dying in Syria at the hands of a dictator (Innocent Victims, n.p.). This alone should be enough reason to get involved. One of the most important things that need to be done is to care for the people displaced to Jordan, Turkey and Iraq (Inside, n.p.). These refugees need to be housed, fed and clothed. This is the humane thing to do. The United States has given more money towards this effort than any other nation on earth. This is commendable, but my feeling is more can be done. I believe that the United States and the powerful nations of Western Europe and Asia that are free and democratic should support the rebels in Syria with advanced training, weapons and military personnel from their own armies (Foreign Policy, n.p.). A second reason for full military engagement in the Syrian uprising centers on the fact, it is the duty of all nations to safeguard human rights, despite no matter where they are being violated. Bashar al Assad does not understand anything other than brute force. His father and grandfather both suppressed uprisings in the past with brutal tactics (South, 22). The outside world should intervene to show him that human rights are fundamental, and thus he cannot brutalize his own people, because the world upholds human rights with a high esteem, and it is willing to help. A peaceful and stable Syria is the first step towards this goal (Marcus, n.p.). Another reason that the world should help to end the conflict in Syria by becoming more engaged is the fact that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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