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Select an architectual complex like Parthenon in Athens or Colosseum in Rome and discuss the influence of that structure on mod - Research Paper Example

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[Name] [Instructor] [Subject] [Date] Select an architectural complex like Parthenon in Athens or Colosseum in Rome and discuss the influence of that structure on modern architecture. Introduction Architecture refers to the distinctive and innovative designs of buildings and other constructions…
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Select an architectual complex like Parthenon in Athens or Colosseum in Rome and discuss the influence of that structure on mod
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Select an architectual complex like Parthenon in Athens or Colosseum in Rome and discuss the influence of that structure on mod

Download file to see previous pages... Like every other thing architectural complex of past nations such as Parthenon in Athens and Colosseum in Rome also have a direct influence over the modern architecture and the structure of buildings. This paper aims to establish comparison between the architectural techniques of Parthenon and that of the contemporary world. Thereafter conclusion is presented to reflect the overall study of the subject. Discussion of Architecture or Architectural Technique The Parthenon is the most admirable architectural complex in Greece which is also the largest temple in the country. The temple significantly symbolizes all the ideas, way of living, heritage and artistic sense of people of that particular time period. Furthermore it explains the great understanding of the Greek people regarding the use of mathematical formulae so as to build successful structures like Parthenon. The religious beliefs are also represented by the overall architectural structure and the statues it contained. The ancient architects used to construct buildings on huge lands since then there was no significant issue of population. Additionally they had stone walls which actually made their structures so strong that they resisted all the storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Use of wood and glass is absent in the architectural remains of Greek civilization which represents that their focus was more towards the rigidity and long lasting life of structures (The Parthenon). The Greek Architecture had a distinctive pattern of buildings with major concentration over the Greek mainland and the Aegean Islands. They had several unique features of their architectural structural and the most prominent among them was the Parthenon in Athens. Greeks had a concept that the optimum success of an architectural design lies in its arithmetic calculations which should be made with the help of comparative analysis and established theories in mathematics. This concept is reflected thorough out the Greek architectural history since they had the most accurate designs based on scientific approach. Parthenon has been built upon the perfect mathematical formula which has equal portions and rhymic correspondence. The whole structure is based upon the entablature areas which are further alienated into different ratios having harmonious and logical relationship among them. In addition to this there is a significant association of columns with the capital. The Greek architects had a firm believe on the perfection of designs and this was something they had never compromised on whether it is architecture or any other field of life. The pillars of Parthenon are made considering its vision from a distant area and due to this they always seems straight. The entasis have very little puffiness and recession of pillars’ structure and columns which is yet another application of mathematical tools and techniques (Greek Architecture). Furthermore the top most parts of the pillars are bended towards the middle point on both sides of the colonnade. The bend deepens as they move towards the end since there is a row of pillars which actually seems in line with each other and show space over the top corner. The pillars are made in such a way that if the colonnade would starts inclination then their pointers will meet one another up in the air. The curve in the middle of the design along with the horizontal lines gives a look of slump in the centre. Parthenon does not have straight lines ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome

According to the research findings, both Greece and Rome were Mediterranean countries.  The government of Athens was an oligarchy, which evolved into a democracy.  Kings governed Rome in the beginning, then a mixed Republican form of government, and finally emperors.  Both the Greek and the Roman economy was based on agriculture. 

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The Colosseum: Architecture
The author states that the construction takes the approach and model of a classic Greek temple. The columns are arranged in triangular rows upon which beams are placed in a triangular pattern. Roman architects invented vaults and arches made out of concrete bricks. This allowed the architects to make a variety of designs.
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Economy of Ancient Athens
The Greek cities exported fabrics, metals, wine and olive oil. Athens mainly traded in marbles, silver coins and a high proportion of silver (Amemiya, 2007). These coins served as a means of exchange and also a source of metal for Athenians. The main trade participants were the emporoi and Athen’s Piraeus port collected duty that was pegged at 1 percent or 2 percent of the value of trade.
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Sparta triumphed in putting off vicious overthrow in Lakonia for hundreds of years, whereas the Athenian charter in the ancient period was subject only temporarily to disruption, by the oligarchic administrations of 411-410 as well as 404-403 (Grote 2001). Both city-states were
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The Parthenon, 447-438 B.C. and the Pantheon, 117-125 A.D
The ancient Greeks and Romans are famous for great architectural works. This is because, despite buildings having been built long time ago, some of these buildings still stand strong in these countries. Parthenon in Greece and Pantheon, in Italy, are good examples of such buildings. This paper will compare and contrast the two historic buildings.
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Rather than being accredited with an architect, the construction of the Colosseum is accredited a number of emperors, amongst them Emperors Vespasian and Titus. The former initiated the construction of the Colosseum while the latter saw its completion. Over the next decades, Emperor Domitian saw the inclusion of other modifications.
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