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Policy memo- armed forces - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: POLICY MEMO-ARMED FORCES The people of the Nation X have all sorts of tensions as politicians continue to abuse the civil rights and democracy. The ironical of the happenings in Nation X is that, the biggest opposition parties agreed to back the government in order to continue with the polls as planned…
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Policy memo- armed forces
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Download file to see previous pages Kip Kippling had been mobilizing the citizens to press on the formation of independent and withdrawal of the government since his return from Nation Y, sending mixed signals which need urgent intervention by our authorities. Kippling and his followers had been pressuring the government to form a care taker in consultation with the judiciary and the military. However, the calls to seek the consultations from the military by the demonstrating citizens have given some democrats that Kippling is working on behalf of the army chief. We, therefore, move urgently to reject such notions and urge all the citizens of Nation X to have a clean perspective on the military roles in the country. The roles involve protecting the citizens from the country’s enemies which can destabilize the economy as whole. This is the reason for writing this memo for the people informing everyone one not be have treasonous attitude on the same (Sehbai & Malick, 2011). Hence, we request all the government stakeholders to move fast and settle the issues, which threaten the country’s stability and democracy. The critical issues are diminishing the sovereignty of the Nation X and an urgent solution need to be taken, where the military section can offer support if all efforts turn sour. It is against our policies to keep an eye of a citizen of country X losing his properties in a day or even the life and yet it is our biggest role. The stakeholders in the government and the citizens need to have a common goal in building and developing the economy of the country but not to play a hide and seek game to root the country’s wealth. There are various occurrences happening everyday in the country that are threats to the people and the country as whole. One of the critical issue which must be acted upon as an urgent case is the focus on eliminating corruption. The government must form an independent commission to be the eye watch of the citizens. The example of the corruption in the country had been justified by the conviction of the Prime Minister Burt Macklin by the Supreme Court on corruption charges. The conviction resulted to the coalition between the government and the opposition parties to make defend the Prime Minister. Defending the corrupt leaders will not only affect the people of Nation X but also affect the prosperity of the economic status. In this reason, we as a defense organ request for steering effort to form an independent organ to secure the country and its citizens from this impunity by political leaders. Another issue which needs an attention is the abuse of efforts to have a democratic country. This has been extremely shown when the political parties formed a coalition to reinforce the Prime Minister from being convicted by the judiciary. Undermining the judiciary in a democratic country means no rule of law is practiced. Meaning the law breakers will not be punished according to the wish of the people due to political forces. This must be avoided as it’s a malicious and abuse of the constitution which abides the sovereignty. If this tolerates, the military officers will be always ready to protect the country’s people and the constitution. Judiciary must be always independent to carry out their implementation of the constitution as mandated without the influence of the political strength and force. The third hurting issue in the country is about the coming general elections which are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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