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Ratification of constitution as a result of competing economic interests - Essay Example

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Ratification of Constitution as a Result of Competing Economic Interests Name Institution Ratification of Constitution as a Result of Competing Economic Interests The constitution of the United States, for over 200 years has served as the major foundation for United States government…
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Ratification of constitution as a result of competing economic interests
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"Ratification of constitution as a result of competing economic interests"

Download file to see previous pages It establishes the fundamental principles of a national government that helps in joining the state in an effective political union. The constitution of the United States serves as an inspiring example making many other countries to emulate some of its provisions. Foner (2012) offered the economic interpretation of the constitution and according to him, the formation of the constitution was as a result of competing economic interests mainly between the federalists and anti-federalists. This paper analyses the debate over ratification of the U.S. constitution that came down to competing economic interests and the extent at which the context is persuasive or not The ratification of the U.S. constitution came down to competing economic interests that existed between the federalists and anti -federalists.This context can either be persuasive or not basing the argument on various explanations given as to why it was ratified. The federalists were individuals whose main economic interests were connected to personal individual. They supported a strong centralized government and were in favor of the constitution drafting and ratification and they included groups of people like, bankers, merchants, shippers among others. They favored commerce and argued that a stronger federal government would bring about economic growth of the new country. Moreover, the federalist had a pluralistic vision of the society as opposed to anti-federalists this is because they viewed society as being composed of many different and competing interests and groups. An example of federalist doctrine is The Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. These doctrines consisted of 82 essays and it was authoritative and great commentary on the constitution. They give a persuasive case for the need a central government for preservation of order and securing the liberty of a large republic. According to Madison ,there are two types of government, republican and democratic and he preferred a republican one whereby the representatives elected by the people make decisions of government as opposed to democratic government whereby all the citizens are involved in decision making.Madson addressed the issue as to whether or not republican government brought about by constitution is capable of protecting the liberty of the citizens. For him the most problem of democratic government is what he referred to as faction and this problem can best be solved by a republican government by controlling its effects rather than tyranny. He argued that representatives would be more disposed to put into consideration the national interest ahead of a particular interest of the factions and argued that the nature of a large republic like U.S. is likely to naturally frustrate the abilities of a single faction so as to advance its own interests. Therefore the federal papers were in favor of the constitution and Madison saw the large size of United States as a help to the cause of liberty rather than hinderance.The opponents therefore feared that the strength of the proposed national government would pose a threat to individual’s freedom. On the other, the anti-federalist was against the ratification of the constitution because they saw it as having many problems (Foner, 2012). The anti-federalists saw no need of overthrowing the government that existed as constitution would bring new and untested form of government. They feared that the constitution would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ratification of Constitution As a Result of Competing Economic Essay)
Ratification of Constitution As a Result of Competing Economic Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1468145-ratification-of-constitution-as-a-result-of-competing-economic-interests.
“Ratification of Constitution As a Result of Competing Economic Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1468145-ratification-of-constitution-as-a-result-of-competing-economic-interests.
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