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Edwin Blacks: Timeline of the Holocaust - Essay Example

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The date is 30th January, 1933 when Adolf Hitler comes to power. This period marks the turning point when carefully organized information becomes the ideal tool for mass destruction of millions of Jews across Europe. …
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Edwin Blacks: Timeline of the Holocaust
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Download file to see previous pages Black argues that in a unique web of organized technologies and direction of its ultimate goal and capabilities in business, IBM designed and implemented in what would be later regarded as the massive human destruction ever to be aided by a computer. Inspired by the commercial mantra that “if it can be done, it should be done,” IBM’s technological achievement was inspired more by the huge profits it made at a time when cash lines spread world over. When Hitler ascended to power, the Nazis started planning how they can kill and destroy all the Jews that lived across Europe. Their concern was to find a way in which they would categorize and catalogue their subjects. IBM’s Dehomag branch equipped with Hollerith punch card technology came in handy to offer assistance. Over the years of operation, the company upgraded its identification and catalogue technology to enable an automated system of persecution and extermination of the Jews.
The Holocaust timeline provides a detailed timeline of major events that finally culminated in the mass murdering of Jews across Europe by Adolf Hitler soon after he took over power. This process began way back in 1933 when at the time when the Nazis took over German’s leadership mantle. The sama year saw Adolf Hitler becoming the Chancellor of Germany, immediately all civil liberties were suspended in Germany. A year later in 1934, Hitler combined his Chancellor’s position with that of the country’s president becoming the most powerful person who was commonly referred to as “Fuhrer” with banning of selling of Jewish based newspapers. It is important to note also that, a year before, Hitler had already set up concentration camps at Dachau rounding about 200 communists and subsequent burning of books and publications that were thought to champion ant-nazi’s ideologies. The years between 1935-1936 saw an intensified campaign by the Nazis to persecute personalities that were against Nazi’s ideologies. Similarly, Jews were denied their rightful citizenship including that of voting. When the world Olympics were held in Germany during the same year, all advertorials and placards that were thought to be owned by the Nazis were put off the streets until the completion of the games. Two years after 1936, there was a mass arrest of Jews by the Nazis in Austria rounding about 30,000 of the Jews in what has been historically described as the “Night of the Broken Glass.” During this period the Jews no longer had the right to own businesses nor to participate in any social gatherings and all had an identification card that bore a letter “J” at the beginning. The Jews’ life was so concentrated that even the law provided where they ought to be at any provided time, and all their children were segregated in Jewish schools. This high end technology was not only found useful in the identification and isolation of the Jews but also in broad areas that included people and asset registration, food distribution based on databases, management and tracking of slave labor and operations of the trains and identification of the carrier passengers. 1940 saw more Jews being confined in concentration camps and in ghettos and their subsequent deportation to Poland. In Poland, this year would mark the first major mass murder of the Jews. 1941 was a year that was associated with more restrictions to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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