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The Holocaust Memorials in Berlin - Assignment Example

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 This assignment "The Holocaust Memorials in Berlin" discusses the idea of memorials of the Holocaust’s victims. The assignment considers the title “Memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust” as a better title since it would act as a remembrance of the suffering of all the Jewish victims…
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The Holocaust Memorials in Berlin
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Extract of sample "The Holocaust Memorials in Berlin"

 The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, designed by American architect Peter Eisenmann, sits on a nineteen thousand square meter land between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. It consists of 2711 rectangular stones of different shapes and sizes to commemorate the roughly six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Just as with the memorials for gypsies and homosexuals, it is located at the heart of Berlin although on a much grander scale than the other two. (Blackwood 2006)
The idea to have separate memorials for each of the Holocaust’s victims is justified as it ensures acknowledgment of each of the targeted groups; some of which had received little attention. The Ort, or the Centre of Information, offers more insight on the terrors of the Holocaust through compelling projections made on the walls of the room. Furthermore, it gives recognition to all known Jewish Holocaust victims through names acquired from Israel’s Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem. People have argued that the title “Murdered Jews of Europe” excludes those who died of natural causes in concentration camps. 
There are Holocaust Monuments in the United States though none are dedicated to slavery. Some argue that the reason behind this lies in the fact that, unlike slavery, the Holocaust was not perpetrated by the United States. In fact, the U.S. fought to have it stopped. However, many people feel that the U.S. should emulate Germany by setting up memorials for crimes they initiated.
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