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Civil War History: Discussion Questions (1 source each, approx 125 words) - Essay Example

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Civil War History [Author] [Institution] Q1. The American civil war was between the Union which was the federal government of the United States and the Confederation which consisted of the Southern slave states that formed the Confederate States of America…
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Civil War History: Discussion Questions (1 source each, approx 125 words)
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"Civil War History: Discussion Questions (1 source each, approx 125 words)"

Download file to see previous pages The geographical factors were known to be a disadvantage for the Union as they had a lesser sheer size than that of the South. A series of rivers in the North Virginia stopped the Union army from capturing the Confederate capital. The confederation had psychological advantages as they were fighting to defend their homes which encouraged them to fight harder than the Union army (Shah, 2007). Q2. It is true to analyze that the civil war was a war against slavery yet there are causes that may be traced back to the tension observed in the history of the nation. There were many economic and social differences between the North and the South. South was more rich in the agricultural production whereas North had more industrial productions than agriculture. This created a gap in the economic attitudes of the regions. Secondly, there were continuous fights against the slave and the non-slave state proponents and this resulted in the abolition movement growth. There were more sympathies for the abolitionists and against the slaves. Eventually the election of Abraham Lincoln ignited the war as the Southerners believed that he was in favor of the interests of the Northerners (McNeese, 2003). Q3. When the slave states had seceded, the civil war became inevitable. In accordance to the events that took place prior to the war and post war; the war could have been stopped only if the Union would have accepted the secession of the slavery states, the confederation changed its mind regarding secession, or the Southerners realized that they were misguided about the dangers they had from the north and they should rebel against the few leaders who lied to them. None of the three conditions were about to happen thus in this sense the war had become inevitable. It is also considered that although the war was not chosen by many of the people, yet they were exploited by their speakers, politicians etc (Donovan, 2002). Q4. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Lincoln as a war measure. The abolitionists stated that it did not set free any of the slaves because the states that were in rebellion were not controlled by the Union. The proclamation assured the loyal slave owners that they were allowed to keep their slaves and still remain a part of the Union. It also induced the leaders of the Confederate to declare peace before the deadline. The British also stopped aiding the Confederate and many northerners gained support as they were getting tired of the war. However, the most immediate effect of the Emancipation Proclamation was that the government of the US was put away from the “peculiar institution” of slavery. This placed a barrier between the recognition of South and the European countries. The proclamation also strengthened the meaning of the US constitution by highlighting how it protected the slavery (Guelzo, 2006). Q5. Slaves had no freedom in the US before the civil war. Slavery was immensely impacted in the years that preceded the war because of the many causes of the war that were related to slavery. The differences between the North and South whether social, political or economical were due to the position of slavery in these areas. Slaves suffered immense oppression in the South and did not have any free rights. Slavery in the North was subjected to chances of freedom and the feeling of being free existed in the North. During the civil war, the slaves were taken in the fields to do all the menial works. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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