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Native American, West African, European societies - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Date Native American, West African, European Societies This paper explores the similarities and differences in gender roles among the European, West African and Native American society. It will also examine how the differences in gender roles in between the European and Native American societies might have led to misunderstandings…
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Native American, West African, European societies
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"Native American, West African, European societies"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, they were charged with the responsibility of protecting the family from external aggression. Further, it is noted that major decision makings in the family among the European societies were vested upon men. In fact, men played a major role in solving any disputes arising in the family. Likewise, men in West African society were also charged with the responsibility of fending for the family as they engaged in different economic activities such as hunting, and fishing. Just as with the European societies, men of West African society were perceived as family heads and provided protection from enemies, participated in decision makings, as well as ensuring that there is discipline in the family (Brown 27). On a similar note, the Native men also shared certain roles with their European and West African men. This was due to the fact that they also participated in fending food for the family through hunting, and in most cases worked outside their homes (Calloway 16). Similarly, they acted as family heads in which they were charged with the responsibilities of making crucial decisions in the family, as well as playing defensive roles against their adversaries. Despite there being a number of similarities, the three societies also differed in terms of gender roles in that, in the European, and West African societies, men were considered very important and dominated their women as preserve of the society’s social order. In this regard, men in these two societies wielded power almost equal to that of a monarch. For instance, the ownership of land in European societies was left at the hands of men, while women only did so when their husbands are not around. This was not so among the Native Americans were women were given rights almost equal to those of their male counterparts (Richter 65). Women in the three societies also shared certain roles. For instance, in European societies, women were charged with the responsibility of gathering of greens, berries and firewood. They also participated in planting, weeding and harvesting of food from the fields (Albers and Medicine 65). They also participated in the processing of beans and corn. In addition, women in European societies acted as caregivers, did the work of cooking for the family, slaughtering animals. Likewise, the West African women also were also charged with the responsibility of gathering food and firewood for the family. In this regard, they moved widely across the field gathering food for the family. Like European women, they also acted as caregivers in the family, cooked food. Research has also shown that Native women also did a lot of gathering food and firewood, the same way women of West Africa did. In addition, they were responsible for taking care of children and cooking for the family according to VanSledright (22). Nevertheless, the differences in the roles of women among the three societies emanates from the fact that women of Native America had more equal rights as those of men, which is not the case among the European and West African societies. For instance, unlike in European and West African societies where women acted as caregivers, the Native women acted as givers of life while their husband were took care of the life. In addition, women also took part in major decision makings among the Native ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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