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The Watergate Scandal - Essay Example

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The Watergate Scandal Name Institution Course Date The Watergate Scandal Introduction The Watergate Scandal is arguably one of the worst political scandals in the history of America linked to a sitting president. The scandal occurred in 1972 during the buildup to the presidential elections pitting the then incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon and the democratic candidate Gerald Ford…
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The Watergate Scandal
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"The Watergate Scandal"

Download file to see previous pages Soon things got worse forcing President Nixon to step down from office as President of the United States. Apart from resignation of President Nixon on August 1972, the scandal also led to the indictment, trial and imprisonment of 43 accomplices most of whom were administration official of President Nixon2. This paper will explore the Watergate Scandal from the buildup, the scandal, the end, and the aftermath. The Watergate scandal is said to have originated from the hostile political environment of the 1960s general elections3. This is attributed to the fact that by 1972 when President Richard Nixon was seeking for his reelection as president of the United States as republican candidate, the country was already deeply divided internally as a result of the Vietnam War of 1955to 1975. Because of the harsh political environment, Nixon and his henchmen found it prudent to employ forceful campaign tactics in order to be able to sabotage his opponent, particularly his challenger Gerald Ford, the then democratic candidate4. The aggressive campaign strategies used by Nixon and his advisers included what later emerged as an illegal spying. This is after the evidence gathered at the scene revealed that some member of Nixon’s re-election committee (CREEP) broke into Watergate building, the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee on May 1972 stealing copies of confidential documents and then bugged the phones in the office. Mark Feldstein reveals that despite having stolen the DNC’s top-secret document, the wiretaps stolen could not work properly forcing the burglars to return to Watergate headquarters on 17 June of the same year.5 However, this time round the burglars came with new microphone, but before they could break in, one of the security guard called Frank Willis saw a piece of tape wrapped on the locker of the door leading into the stairwell. Willis quickly removed the tape oblivious of water was happening. However, since he suspected that something was a mess, he rushed to the telephone and called the Metropolitan Police who came to Watergate few minutes later and began conducting a thorough search in the building6. It is then that the police realized that all the doors leading to stairwell of the sixth floor had been taped in a similar manner7. Investigation also revealed that the Democratic National Committee had rented the entire sixth floor. The police officers then began moving from one office to the next in the entire sixth floor with arsenals drawn8. No soon had they entered the offices Stanley Grieg, of Deputy Party Chairman than a man came out from his hiding place and surrendered to the officers pleading not to be shot. Subsequent searches led to the arrest of five men in the offices all wearing surgical gloves and business suits. A team of investigators learnt that the main purpose for the break-in by the burglars was to bug Lawrence O’Brien, the DNC chairman’s offices and get files related to their campaign strategy that might help republicans in the forthcoming presidential elections9. Investigators also found out that the burglars had all booked suits fictitiously at the Watergate Hotel. The police officers also conducted a search in their rooms and in DNC offices in which $5,000 numbered as $100 bills was found plus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Watergate Scandal
..., Nixon is now largely remembered as the only President to resign from office. Richard Nixon’s legacy is centered on solely one issue: the Watergate scandal, with its connotations of abuse of power and impropriety. The Watergate Scandal originated in June 1971, as a reaction to the publication of an intensive study of the Vietnam War by Daniel Ellsberg. Fearing that these ‘Pentagon Papers’ would reveal his own political secrets, Nixon established the Special Investigations Group (SIG): nicknamed ‘the plumbers’ because of their mandate to prevent any media leaks about the Nixon administration. In an attempt to discredit Ellsberg, G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt of the...
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The Watergate Scandal by Fred Emery
... Task The Watergate Scandal Introduction The American Journey: A History of United s by Goldfield David et al, discusses the historical events that happened since the colonialism period in America. Watergate, by Fred Emery, reveals the secret behind the Watergate Scandal that happened in America. American history is highlighted in these books, and the authors have done a remarkable job of outlining the significant historical events. Both books discuss the Watergate Scandal and its overall effect on the American populace. However, in both books, the Watergate scandal is highlighted differently. The Watergate Scandal was a noteworthy indignity in the 1970s that was unsuccessfully covered by the Nixon administration. The scandal... , which was...
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...? Watergate Scandal During the night of June 17, 1972, a group of seven men forcefully entered USA Democratic National Committee’s headquarters at the Watergate Complex at Washington D.C. Being informed in time, the police arrived at the site and arrested the group of intruders. After investigation, it was revealed that the thieves were actually information officials who had been hired by the US President Richard Nixon’s administration to gather secretive political information for the ruling government. Subsequently, the police found that many members of the Government including the President himself was involved in trying to cover up the incidents of that night. The group of intruders...
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...? Significance of the Watergate Scandal Significance of the Watergate Scandal The scandal gets its from the complex in Washington D.C., which led to the arrest of five men, and the resignation of the then President of the United States, Richard Nixon. Some of his advisors were also indicted after the scandal erupted. The breaking in of the Watergate complex was of worldwide significance. This is because the people breaking in wanted to wiretap the telephones of the Democratic National Headquarters (Henretta and Jonathon 2009, 859). When it was later found out that the people were under the president’s payroll, the case led to his indictment. This was after running for re-election, in 1972, and winning. This paper will review... consider full...
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The Watergate Scandal
...The Watergate Scandal: The Crime of the Century The events that began as a simple burglary at the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC in June 1972 would explode into the nation's greatest political scandal and would end by ruining the reputations of some of the country's most powerful men of the era. Though the 'Watergate break-in' refers to the burglary on the Democratic headquarters, the scandal grew to encompass illegal campaign donations, wiretapping, domestic spying, and strong-armed intimidation tactics. The insidious illegal activity that pervaded the Nixon White House was made even more sinister by the lengths at which Nixon and his...
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The Watergate Scandal
...THE WATERGATE SCANDAL 2007 THE WATERGATE SCANDAL INTRODUCTION The Watergate Complex includes several administrativeand hotel building located on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., but unlike hundreds other complexes of similar caliber the Watergate is known to almost any adult citizen in the US and abroad. In fact, the event was so important that the term 'Watergate' is more commonly associated with a series of political scandals that culminated in constitutional crisis than with the hotel. The Watergate Scandal occurred during the presidency of Richard Nixon and...
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The Watergate Scandal
...The Watergate Scandal: A Look at the Nixon Administration’s Dirty Political Tricks Introduction In 1969, a Republican became president of the United States. In 1972, Republican officers broke into Democratic head offices at the Watergate Building Complex. After the incident, investigators found burglary devices, cameras, telephone-tapping equipment, and a large amount of cash in the Republican men’s hotel rooms (Elish 10; The Washington Post 1972). Such events unfolded in the most outrageous constitutional disaster in the history of the United States—the Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal was all about fraudulent...
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...The Watergate Scandal and Its Effect on American Politics The Watergate scandal is a burglary that occurred inDemocratic National Committee (DNC) office at Watergate building located in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972. The break-in into the DNC’s offices was perceived as a unique burglary linking back to 1960s harsh politics, which fueled enmity between contesting political candidates and their parties. By the time president Richard M. Nixon was pursuing re-election in 1972, the United States was deeply engrossed in the Vietnam War, which ran from 1955-1975 and riddled with serious internal divisions. President Nixon was out to achieve his re-election...
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