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S5Ws9&10DQs Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Submission Date 1. To what extent is Samuel P. Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ model useful in explaining the conduct of international relations in the post-11 September 2001 world?…
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Download file to see previous pages In his evaluation, he undertook a thorough study of various regions, cultures, religions and civilizations of the world and predicted the battle lines for future conflicts (Huntington, 1990). Huntington’s hypothesis is an appropriate model that elucidates the practice of international relations in the post September 11 world because on many counts the hypothesis has been proved right as the September eleven incident, and the conduct of foreign relations has been based on the conflict between two diverse cultural orientations. Fundamental Islam doctrine was responsible for the September eleven attack, on the one hand, and America was under attack owing to its strong western philosophy of capitalism, democracy and Christianity. Ever since the September eleven attacks, international relations have been determined by the fight between Christianity and Muslim fundamentalism; whereas America is seen as the key promoter of Christian religion, radical terrorist organizations with safe havens in Afghanistan are the advocates of Muslim fundamentalism (Seth, 2010). ...
An evaluation of economy and politics in the Greater Middle East indicates that there is incompatibility between development and democratization in the sense that the growth in economy and other parameters is not consistent with democratic ideals (Felbab-Brown, 2005). The reality in the Greater Middle East is contrary to major theoretical frameworks that state that democratization is directly proportional to economic development. The western thought provides that development and democratizations are related and that economic development ushers in democratization. Though the region is not much developed there are certain indicators of development that do not coincide with democratization. The Greater Middle East comprises countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and part of North America. Democracy has been a huge challenge for these countries and countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are quite unstable politically though they have tried to embrace democracy. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are safe havens for terrorist organization that have not only waged war against the West but also resisted any attempts to democratize the countries. Pakistan has some level of economic development but is not compatible with democratization in the sense that the country still faces numerous challenges regarding political stability and the prevalence of egalitarianism. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has been occupied by America since the overthrow of the Taliban regime following September 11 (Gregory, 2011). The huge challenge for America was to democratize Afghanistan and make it politically stable to rid of militants from its region. Therefore, as far as the Greater Middle East is concerned, economic development is not compatible with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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