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Geopolitics - on the Syrian civil War and the UN - Essay Example

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Professor Name 8th December 2012 Syrian Civil War and the UN The Syrian civil war started from a small place called Dara. The initial protest started with demonstration for political and economic reforms. It has now taken the shape of a raging civil war between President Basher Al-Assad and the opposition forces led by Muslim Brotherhood…
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Geopolitics - Essay on the Syrian civil War and the UN
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"Geopolitics - on the Syrian civil War and the UN"

Download file to see previous pages In the case of Syria; both Russia and China have been using their veto powers to support Assad even if that mean that fighting continues for a long time. We will analyze the reasons why there is a lack of consensus and the way forward for UN. Syria is being used as a background for 2 proxy wars. One is between Russia-China and the US. Russia is trying to regain its lost influence in the Mediterranean. Russia also has a number of economic interests in Syria which includes arms sale and infrastructure projects. Libya is a real thorn for Russia and China-they believe that they were tricked in supporting a UN resolution which was then used as a cover for airstrikes against Gaddafi. Due to this mistrust; Russia and china started off by blocking a resolution which asked Assad to hand over power to his deputy .In October 2011 they vetoed another resolution condemning Assad. In February 2012, Russia and China blocked another draft security council resolution and agreed to the Kofi Anan sponsored non-binding peace plan only when the tougher draft is modified. Thus UN Security Council has been effectively unable to function due to this proxy war. In the absence of Security Council resolution, a UN General Assembly resolution is passed in August 2012 condemning Assad and asking him to resign. (Saad) The second proxy war is against Iran. It is intriguing that the US lifted ban on military aid to Uzbekistan dictator and turned a blind eye to crushing of popular demonstrations by Bahrain at the same time it wanted Assad to resign. The US is so deeply interested in Syria because of Iran; not because it is a champion of freedom and democracy. Israel and USA would like nothing better than changing the regime in Iran. However that seems far-fetched now; so they are contended with breaking the Tehran-Damascus axis. (Tehri) The proxy wars are being fuelled further by the bogey of chemical weapons being raised in the western media these days. It sounds familiar; doesn’t it? First the media will shout over the top that Assad like Saddam is about to launch weapons of mass destruction any day now. (Hart) Then a concerned President will warn Basher Al Assad of severe consequences. The charade will go on for a few days till the media along with the government convinces its own people that they need to act and intervene in some way in Syria-either through direct military intervention or through military support to rebels. They can anyway later apologize or blame the CIA if no chemical weapons are found like they did in Iraq. I really do not think that Assad will be so naive and foolish to use chemical weapons even if he has them. It will ensure that Russia and China which are blocking USA in the Security Council will no longer be able to do so. The talk of chemical weapons brings us to another discussion-the role of media in the conflict. A free media is supposed to bring news to us as it happens; it is not supposed to filter the news and bring only the government’s version. (George)We cannot blame the Syrian media of being biased; the media is state controlled since 1961 and independent journalists are either murdered in Syria or disappear. (George) Thus the Syria media paints the rebels as terrorists and praises the’ humane’ Assad. The surprising thing is that the US media; which is critical of the government on domestic matter becomes it’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Geopolitics - Essay on the Syrian Civil War and the UN)
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“Geopolitics - Essay on the Syrian Civil War and the UN”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1464640-geopolitics-essay-on-the-syrian-civil-war-and-the.
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