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Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water - Essay Example

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Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water.
Nowadays hardly a day passes without some news on global warming issues, especially those concerning water pollution, flooding and the shortage of clean drinking water…
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Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water
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"Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water"

Download file to see previous pages Since the 1980s the global community since the 1980s, began to pay attention to the problem of global warming. Many of the scientists involved in the study of weather conditions, consider that the cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas concentrates in the atmosphere. There is a growing fear that the pollution of the atmosphere and the related annual increase in air temperature at the North Pole will melt the ice, so that will increase the level of water in the ocean, and the cities and towns that are located near the coast, will remain under water. Most scientists agree that all this is due to excessive release of carbon dioxide and methane. In fact, methane and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere annually absorb infrared rays, which protect the earth from excessive overheating, and lead to an increase in global temperature. For example, the carbon dioxide released by heat and power plants, municipal enterprises, is 1/3 of the gas emitted in the atmospheric layers. It became clear that, despite the fact that the green areas and forests of the planet absorb some portion of the gas and clean the air, yet they are not able to completely clear the air of harmful gases. Global warming has started with the melting of glaciers. Because of this, the sea level rises, and the ecosystem gets out of balance, and consequently, the earth's temperature is growing. It doesn’t seem scary at first sight, but it will be accompanied by adverse effects, each of which can be deadly. Here are some of the effects of global warming connected with water issues. Widespread flooding is one of the main dangers of global warming. The water level in the oceans has increased, and floods are the first signs of global warming. If the water in the ocean rises by at least 1 meter, it will lead to unimaginable disasters. For example, the sixth of retracts in Bangladesh, and many of the island will sink into oblivion, and even the highest and most powerful dam cannot withstand the onslaught of water, so a considerable number of the currently existing shoreline continents will simply disappear. In addition, the increase in the overall temperature will cause higher evaporation of water, and, accordingly, the “showers” will be more frequent and severe. The strongest hurricanes are also a disaster connected with the water issue. Global warming will increase not only the atmospheric temperature, and warmer ocean waters worldwide. Hurricanes get their strength from the warm ocean waters. The effects of global warming in this regard are being felt in the past few years, during this time, we have not once seen disasters in the form of hurricanes, which show that our destructive relationship to the planet is not gratuitous. This drought is another major danger nowadays. Drinking water is a luxury in some parts of Africa, but the worst is still yet to come. Africa will suffer most from a strong climate change; however, the same fate awaits the entire southern region of the European continent. Lack of fresh water will cause conflicts, which then are likely to go into war. In the entire world shallow rivers and lakes will start to disappear. And this is truly a disaster for the organisms living in them. Due to habitat loss, they disappear and lead to disaster. These problems cause a lot of social issues as well. The Global warming issues cause millions of dollars of expenses which can’t but influence the world in the social aspect. With much talk today of Globalization, of new forms of worldwide interconnection and yet another “emerging” new world society, it is very important to keep track of development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water Essay)
Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1464539-we-are-now-well-aware-almost-daily-if-we-pay.
“Global Warming: Flooding and Lack of Pure Water Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1464539-we-are-now-well-aware-almost-daily-if-we-pay.
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