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[Name of the Writer] [Name of the Professor] [Name of the Course] [Date] Safe water! INTRODUCTION Two molecules of Hydrogen and One molecule of Oxygen make up the world’s most valuable entity without which the existence of life forms is not possible. Water, as it is has commonly been referred to since times unknown is considered as a universal solvent…
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Clean water drinking water
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Download file to see previous pages Odorless, tasteless and transparent liquid miraculously plays an important role in the existence of nature. IMPORTANCE Life without water would just be nothing. There are innumerable uses of water. Cleaning, drinking, washing cooking farming is just to name a few. Water has been reshaping man’s life and his land even before man ever knew. The land that we sit on today may well have been underwater sometime as it is proposed that all of Earth was a continuation of water and land emerged from underneath it as a resultant of movements of Earth’s Crust. Besides being available to us in the liquid form of water it also maintains the entire ecosystem of the planet by being an integral part of the weather system. Humidity in the air and large bodies of water in the form of lakes and rivers etcetera regulate the temperature of the region. Living forms are composed of about 50% to 70% of water. Clear distinctive existence of betterment of the human race is not possible without the inclusion of water in the process. SAFE WATER The purity and preserving of water is extremely essential owing to its usability. There is no potential substitute to water. Each use of water that is associated with it is effective only and only when water exists in its purest form. The availability of safe drinking water each and every living being is his right since he has the ownership share of this planet just like any other living being. Unfortunately water has been taken for granted by man. Since there was abundant water for everyone man never thought of preserving it or using it with the conscience of keeping it in its purest form. It was only after years of misuse added with the ironic blow of pollution and global warming that man started to realize what it had done wrong with its best friend- A friend about which the proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed” would undoubtedly fit very well. THE PROBLEM The rapidly deteriorating state of the planet Earth has resulted in many of the world today being deprived of their basic right: “Free and safe drinking water.” They are forced to take up water for drinking from lakes, rivers and sea. These means of acquisition of drinking water are the major source of water borne diseases among which diarrhea was the most common. Moreover, water from undisclosed resources is also often polluted. The unavailability of free safe drinking water is the key to the rest of the problems of these suffering individuals. Pollution is followed by Global warming which acts misery to the plight of the already suffering individuals. Extremely hot climates cause drought and also result in the drying up of the water reservoirs whereas, too much of rain results in the overflowing of sewage drains and worsens the sanitation problem even more. Unavailability of safe pure water not only leads to the threat of suffering from various diseases but it also leads to sanitation issues as well. SANITATION ISSUES: Unfortunately this area of water’s usage is just as neglected as the others. Improper sanitation throughout developing nations just adds to their misery of unavailability of drinking water for eating and drinking purposes. The hygiene of individuals thus becomes impossible as well yet again leading to added pollution and added health hazards. STATISTICS Present day statistics, with relation to clean and pure drinking water are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Clean Water Drinking Water Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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