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Oil and Gas Management - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Oil and Gas Management" is focused on the idea of the threat to the environment that perform gas and oil. Admittedly, the environment is conceived to be the natural habitat for organisms and wildlife in general. …
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Oil and Gas Management
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Extract of sample "Oil and Gas Management"

Download file to see previous pages Another basic form of unconventional methods is the conversion of coal and gas using synthetic fuel techniques and advanced technology. Unconventional methods of drilling oil are still in their beginning phase and have come out of the need by the advanced nations to cater for the demand and balance it with the supply for continuous use. However, these methods have had their possible dangers especially to human health and the impacts to the environment.
Conventional or otherwise the traditional methods pose enormous losses and environmental impacts on the subjects. Firstly, they destroy the formation of the earth’s crust and core. The drilling of the well to create room for exerting pressure so as to extract the oil is by itself noise pollution and especially to the people living around the mining sites and more so to those undertaking the drilling works (Boesch and Rabalais, 2000, p.117). Potential environmental disasters arise in the sense that there are threats posed to the wildlife living nearby that has to flee to create room for the drilling process; displacement.
This, in turn, threatens the survival of wildlife and especially with the availability of predators thus causing the extinction of some species. Drilling requires broad land occupation and the possible environmental impacts would be the release of harmful air into the environment, contamination of groundwater from uncontrolled gas, fluids and spills and even uncontrolled waste discharges and leakages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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