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Truman and his exchanges of messages with pope pius XII and its consequences - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Truman and his Exchanges of Messages with Pope Pius XII and its Consequences As the thirty third president of the United States, Harry Truman was a powerful leader who was geared towards controlling the country as per what he thought was right…
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Truman and his exchanges of messages with pope pius XII and its consequences
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"Truman and his exchanges of messages with pope pius XII and its consequences"

Download file to see previous pages In his first letter to the Pope, he stated that he was dully elected and would ensure that the people in the country lived in a peaceful nation. However, in this letter, he insinuated that the nature of the church was to adore politics and war. The president openly expressed his idea of not calling the Pope His Holiness as this was a title that was only befitting God. Since he was not God or anything closer to God, he would only refer him with his official names. At this point, he also stated that the government was principled to ensure that the church would not meddle in the businesses conducted by the government (Muehlenbeck, 45). Therefore, the church would not be involved in the internal affairs of the government. If the government would include the church in their internal affairs, it would be a retrogressive drill. For instance, he stated that Europe was undeveloped because of indulgence of the church in its internal affairs. In addition to this, the president stated that the church was the leader in instigating war, while pretending to spread peace in the country (Devine, 32). The president included a stern warning that was directed towards the church, stating that the great nation would not be duped into accepting the ways of the wicked. These messages were monumental in that they were directed towards making a peaceful coexistence in the American democracy. In this letters, the Pope openly expressed he need to have urgent solutions to the problems that were in the country. In his letters, he expressed the need to have American relief streams that would help the people, in the war and even after the war that had erupted (Dolezalova, Martin and Papousek, 29). In addition to this, the Pope expressed the need to put the national interests a first priority. With this, he meant that they all were to ensure that the war was not extended to other parts of the country. To maintain a peaceful environment, the Pope suggested that the government should explore all the possibilities that could be used (Burleigh, 11). This was also to ensure there was an end to human suffering which was mostly caused by hostility arising from the conflict in the country. With these events, it is evident that the church and the president were not in agreement. The church was in line with making a peaceful existence in the country, while the president was concerned with the church’s indulgence in the politics of the nation. As such, their differences were not contained (Potworowski, 13). This led to a drift between the church and the president, with the president insisting that the Pope had no powers to control the interests of the country. For instance, in a letter addressed to the Pope, the president openly expressed his concerns of the “catholic culture” and how it could influence the country if it were given the mandate to govern the world again (Gaddis, 28). In his support, the president also inclined the fact that the government would not spend its hard earned resources in sending young people to help other people. Though he expressed the need for peace in the United States of America, it was sheer irony (Suderman, 32). The president was not doing anything to control the eruption of war, yet he was on the frontline in condemning the church against their indulgence in the internal affairs of the country. In relaying all the letters addressed to the president, the Pope openly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Truman and his exchanges of messages with pope pius XII and its Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1463086-truman-and-his-exchanges-of-messages-with-pope
(Truman and His Exchanges of Messages With Pope Pius XII and Its Essay)
Truman and His Exchanges of Messages With Pope Pius XII and Its Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1463086-truman-and-his-exchanges-of-messages-with-pope.
“Truman and His Exchanges of Messages With Pope Pius XII and Its Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1463086-truman-and-his-exchanges-of-messages-with-pope.
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