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The Report on Presidential Elections - Essay Example

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Elections are one of the constitution laws that allow voters to cast their votes in order to choose the preferred candidate during the election period. Many candidates employ various tactics in order to compete favorably with their competitors…
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The Report on Presidential Elections
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Download file to see previous pages The candidates have their own parties some of which are fragmented. The electoral laws advocate that the candidates should employ an interactive model, which incorporates the political influence of institutions and social cleavages. Social cleavages are linked with social identity because in electoral institutions or in the society, there are always divided groups. This may determine the way the society behaves towards voting for their preferred presidential candidate. The empirical research in comparative politics reveals that social cleavages impact the number of presidential candidates or parties in the election process. The electoral process has been a political issue in the late 20th century; thus, many political scholars provide their viewpoints that the electoral policies should exercise an outstanding self-governing effect on the political party system.
The electoral exercises are determined by the electoral laws of a state and they depend on the party systems. The electoral laws exercise significant roles in the political society because of the independent effect they create on the party system. The research indicates that the electoral system influence on a party system is significant and it is unpretentious when comparing it with the effect of sociological factors (Jones 106). The issue of the party system fragmentation is one of the causes that creates varying degree in the presidential elections....
Thus, they advocated on the use of interactive model in assessing the combined political institution influences and social cleavages on the party fragmentation. Therefore, they came up with the solution of employing interactive model in political institutions. Though, the model is unclear as to whether it can be beneficial in understanding the party fragmentation in presidential elections. Understanding the party fragmentation determinants in the presidential elections is crucial because of the three main reasons. One of the reasons is that presidential elections exercise significant effect on the party system and the electoral laws (Jones 74). Another one is that the fragmentation level of the party system in the electoral laws may have a strong impact on the nature of the administration in the presidential democratic system. For example, one party government and the coalition government or effective or ineffective legislation; thus contributing to party fragmentation. The greater the fragmentation levels the more problems in identifying the probable governance option in the presidential elections (Jones 74). Many voters can be incapable of making effective choice in the presidential elections because of party fragmentation and poor electoral legislation. The presidential election with weak legislative support may end up being deemed as candidates with undesirable traits in fragmented party systems. The influence of electoral policies is restrictive on the extent of social cleavages polity. The social cleavages seem to impact effective presidential election process; thus, many scholars argue that institutional and interactive models are among the effective approaches in competitive presidential elections. Dickson and Scheve (351) argue that social cleavage can provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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