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Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires - Essay Example

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Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Both Byzantine and Ottoman empires were almost the same in some aspects but different in several aspects. The main economic activity of Ottoman Empire was agriculture, while that of Byzantine Empire was coinage…
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Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires
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"Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires"

Download file to see previous pages Comparison between the Byzantine and Ottoman economies Ottoman economy Economic history of the Ottoman Empire can be traced back for the period 1299-1923. The first phase of the economic history is referred as the classic era, which is known for it vast enlargement. Much of the activities that highly contributed to this growth include agriculture. The second period is referred as the reformation era. Its main focus was on state organized reforms, which begun with administrative and political realignment. This was followed by military reforms and their associates. It is believed that the military reforms were viewed as the key source of wealth. On the other hand, agriculture was considered to be more important than manufacture and commerce. Although the Ottomans continued with the trajectory of territorial expansion, conserving their land and agriculture, as well as sticking to their traditional monopolies was prioritized. By 1800, the population started to grow. Population densities were higher in several areas of the European provinces than those in Anatolia. In 1700-1922, urbanization increased due to developments in railroads. At this period, there were improvements in health and sanitation. This is also the period that saw economic and political migrations, which are argued to have made great impact across the empire.1 Improvements in land and sea transport were also another factor that facilitated economic growth across the empire. However, the situation is argued to have been better in the 16th century than in the 18th century in terms of infrastructure development. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, the empire experienced enormous economic growth mainly due to increased agricultural production. However, after a short period, the situation started to deteriorate due to scarcity of labor. In addition, although the land was rich, there was a problem with large scale farming due to lack of capital. In fact, majority of the people earned their living from small scale farming. This led to low levels of taxes for the empire.2 Byzantime economy In the whole of Mediterranean, Byzantime economy was the most stunning for many centuries. Constantinople was the major center in for trading. However, trading network extended to other areas almost reaching Eurasia and North Africa.3 Until to the arrival of Arabs in the 17th century, the empire is argued to have been the most powerful economy across the world. In the 12th century, the empire was filled with luxury life, something that led to many visitors being impressed by the lifestyle. Comparison between the Byzantine and Ottoman religions Ottoman religion Between 14th and 19th centuries, the Ottoman Empire was tolerant towards Christians and Jews. The Ottoman religion formulated policies that sort out religious problems. It recognized the concept of clergy and its entire link with religion institution.4 In the past, Christian missionaries were seen to work together with colonialists. At the same time, Islam was not controlled in spreading at different areas under controlled by Ottoman Sultan. In fact, voluntary conversion to Islam was endorsed by the Ottoman authorities. In addition, there were no special rules regarding Christians that converted to Muslims. The empire had also the Muslim courts and non muslin courts. Byzantine religion Byzantine Empire is also referred to as Roman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Comparing Byzantine and Ottoman Empires Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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