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Can torture be ethical? Discuss in relation to the War on Terror. [Author] [Institution] Introduction Throughout the long history of humans and specifically the Western society, till the 19th century, torture has been long used as the tool for interrogation…
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Can torture be ethical Discuss in relation to the War on Terror
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"Can torture be ethical Discuss in relation to the War on Terror"

Download file to see previous pages There were often many manuals given to convey the torture techniques and the implications. Written codes and conducts were also regulated to redefine the process of torture and differentiate what is acceptable and what is impermissible (Scott, 2003, p27). As the theories enhanced, there is a huge debate on the torture ethics which is going on since years, and especially after 2001 when there was an initiative of the war on terror by collaboration of many countries. Some debate that torture has always been immoral and unjustifiable, whereas many of the modern theorists and socialists suggest that if torturing an evil man because of which many lives can be saved, then there is no better moral decision that could be taken (Wisnewski, Emerick, 2009, p 78). Thus, war on terror is a justifiable process which is carried out throughout the Western world, and if it includes the practices of torturing then torture can be considered ethical too, in a broad scope. There are many ethical arguments that have risen up related to torture and its value to the society. The major argument that supports the ethics or torture is the fact that it is an essential tool. Many of the countries condemn the use of torture and consider it not only unethical but also unlawful. Whereas many countries still use it as their tool and consider it as effective in many circumstances (Harbury, 2005, p95). There are many arguments placed forth and the basic debate lie in the views presented by deontological and utilitarian viewpoints. Both the viewpoints hold justification in their own way. The utilitarian viewpoint suggests that torture can be justified if the overall outcome of the action is positive. This refers to the process of torture which is used as a tool to investigate and weed the evil out of a person or criminal. In this belief, the utilitarian thinker might consider the outcome as the only source of judgment and to decide whether the act of torturing is moral or not. The outcome can define the long term effects in which lives may be saved and evil may be finished. This is the primary factor on which torture is used as a tool (Greenberg, 2006, p50). Opposing the utilitarian view is the deontological view which came from the word duty. This viewpoint suggests that the rules and values hold immense importance and they should be fulfilled as the first priority rather than the outcome. Utilitarian thinkers give immense respect to the moral values and ethics over the outcomes of allowing torture or restricting it. However, if the outcome is uncertain or can not be known, then the utilitarian thinker would state that torture is wrong and unjustifiable (Skerker, 2010, p154). There are any arguments seen favoring the utilitarian views against torture and in some parts of the world, the laws support these views as well. The war on terror or war on terrorism is known to describe the campaign set out by the US and includes many other countries such as the UK. The term is commonly used and it applies to the campaign which is initiated against the al-Qaeda and other militant groups which are associated to it. The aim of this campaign was to eliminate the powers and actions of such militant organizations. The September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre gave rise to many militant groups that tend to declare war against America. These groups were the terrorists and in regard to those, the phrase War on Terror was used and made popular by the military organizations of the US. Soon it became ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Can Torture Be Ethical Discuss in Relation to the War on Terror Essay)
Can Torture Be Ethical Discuss in Relation to the War on Terror Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1459663-can-torture-be-ethical-discuss-in-relation-to-the.
“Can Torture Be Ethical Discuss in Relation to the War on Terror Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1459663-can-torture-be-ethical-discuss-in-relation-to-the.
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