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Influence of Third Party Candidates on the Outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election - Essay Example

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There are speculations concerning the U.S.A Presidential Elections in relation to the question whether, the third party candidate garnered sufficient strength of becoming a substantial contender…
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Influence of Third Party Candidates on the Outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election
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"Influence of Third Party Candidates on the Outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, the third party was likely to get on a ticket to winning, since numerous citizens were seeking a change in ways that the government is run; thus the third party was becoming more attractive to the current "two party" system (Abramowitz, 594). Moreover, the current stagnant political atmosphere was objecting progress due to two leading parties, which spend time bickering and seeking ways to oppose each other within their own party as evidenced in the primary campaigns. Therefore, the "two party" system has differences with substantial consequences on Precedential elections. Moreover, the control maintained by the Republicans and Democrats has established an environment, where voters have little choices to select. Nevertheless, the paper will discuss the influence of third party candidate on the outcome of 2008 presidential elections. There has been frustrations expressed Americans in relations to the US political systems, which is protecting two main parties and eliminating the chance at the third way. Therefore, if 2008 presidential race were severely disrupted by the third party candidate, then Barrack Obama would not have won the presidential elections (Scotto, Clarke, Kornberg, Reifler, Sanders, Stewart and Whiteley, 545). On the other hand, there were campaigns of Cecilia Garza, which was an independent from Texas; Bob Barr, who was a Libertarian impeaching former president Bill Clinton, Ruth Bryant, who is a Christian minister from Nevada, Steven Hoefflin, who was a celebrity plastic surgeon humanitarian and inventor, and Ralph Nader were third party candidates in the 2008 presidential elections. However, in 2008, there were a lot of media coverage of Democrats and Republicans, thus making it difficult to remember alternative candidate from third party exists. Therefore, the third parties gave the voters a chance to think beyond the boundaries imposed by the media and the "two-party" system. Therefore, the third party had an influence of the race, since it made the content high competitive in a way that the candidate with the ability to change 800,000 voters was not able to determine the outcome of the election. Nevertheless, there were challenges related to running as a presidential candidate as a third party candidate, since there is no support by the political system or the mainstream media. A candidate like Dr. Hoefflin with brilliant ideas for altering politics and rectifying embedded problems in the U.S was not given a chance by media (Clem, Dodson and Nikole, 518). The media refused to pay attention at Dr. Hoefflin’s ideas concerning the changes on U.S politics, thus the frustrated voices of Americans who were supporting the third party made the media pay attention to their issues through the internet. However, the American economy was deteriorating; the dollar was losing value against other main currencies, while China’s shadow is weakening the leadership in U.S, in the world. Approvals made by President Bush are considered the worst in the history, since two thirds of the American populations believed that the Iraq war was a mistake. Therefore, the third party candidates were focused on changing the course, but the Americans and media could not pay attention to their ideas. The political situation has always been dominated by the Republicans and Democrats; thus, they have left diminutive room for change, but the third party offered norms, whereby each party was able to choose against opposition. It also facilitated disillusions that focused on independent learning for Americans who were fed up with the "two party" systems. In this way, the Republicans and Democrats seemed not to be taking their stand in their issues; instead, they made declarations in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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