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Illegal Immigration Introduction A longitudinal survey of immigration trends in the United States shows that the population of illegal immigrants in the United States remains significantly higher than that of legal immigrants (Levy 56)…
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Illiegal Immigration
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"Illiegal Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages A most recent example involves the spirited efforts by a section of pressure groups to prevent a bill meant to give more room to law enforcement agents for searching persons suspected to be illegal immigrants. Discussion The usual trend in the United States has been that competing perspectives and opinions between those expressly opposed to structural safeguards and those who advocate for more determined steps of addressing the matter (Bascio and Patrick 122) determine the subject of illegal immigrants. Estimates from various sources place the number of illegal immigrants in the United States between 10 to 12 million (Kenney and Kwao 50). This numbers has kept fluctuating over the years in response to certain forces that derive from social or economic stimuli. Chain migration is one of the most visible aspects of illegal migrations in the U.S. Chain migration occurs where illegal immigrants attract relatives, friends, or associates from their countries of origin to join them once they have settled in the states. Efforts to contain illegal immigration have often been caught up in differences conditioned by political competition, private interests, and lobby pressure (Kenney and Kwao 50). ...
The healthcare system is one of the institutions that are considered the worst hit by the effects of illegal immigrants. Parties proposing tough approaches on the question of illegal immigrants argue that the groups have imposed significant pressure on the limited healthcare resources. Illegal immigrants are accused of causing significant imbalances between the available healthcare resources and the demand (Ngai 68). As a consequence of this reality, these parties argue that the cost of healthcare has risen due to the gap that is created by the mismatch between supply and demand. It would be important to consider the subject of illegal immigration in light of some of the issues that attend to their impact on the political scale. Hispanic voters are some of the most influential voting blocs in the United States. They comprise some of the significant swing votes in the United States. It is precisely because of this reason that political parties tend to approach the question of illegal immigration with utmost caution. Past trends and analyses have shown a growing preference by immigrant populations to Democrats. Studies have shown that immigrants find the Democrats’ policies more conducive and tolerant to their situations than the Republicans. A survey conducted on the Hispanic voters showed that the Democrats enjoyed nearly two thirds of the Hispanic votes while the Republicans only attracted less than 20 percent of the vote (Ngai 68). These results indicate that the voting process among the groups is highly determined by matters of convenience. The immigrant groups have tended to show a determined support to policies and discourses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Illiegal Immigration Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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Illiegal immigrant
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