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How and why did the American Revolution happen - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date How and why did the American Revolution happen? American Revolution took a long time to occur. Several events intrigued the occurrence of the revolution. England and France were the colonizers of the American continent…
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How and why did the American Revolution happen
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"How and why did the American Revolution happen"

Download file to see previous pages During the war, British contributed a lot in the military in the war between French and Indians. As a result, British felt that they possessed the colonies. They wanted to own what they had fought for because they contributed many military. However, British ended up having a large debt. This reduced the practice of the salutary neglect in the colonies. British decided that the colonies should be of great help in defraying defense cost. This attitude helped in loosening the bonds that existed from England across Atlantic to America. In the year 1763, George III issued a settlement limit law in that there was a limited settlement in the Western and beyond Appalachian mountains prohibited. However, this caused many colonists to feel that the order as an offensive one. The king made a proclamation that it was reasonable for the Indian tribes that lived under the protection of British were not to face any disturbance in any way or molestation. At first, this worked effectively and admirably, because it helped in ending the rebellion known as Pontiac. This rebellion took a period of seventeen months and led by a chief called Pontiac from Ottawa. During this period, there was a conflict whereby Iroquios Indians, Delaware, and Ottawa fought against the forces of the British in an attempt to have their lost lands back that they lost during the war. Though pacification of Indians was successful, the settlers of the place felt enraged and analyzed the statement of the proclamation as a dare of the royal. The settlers decided to extend their settlement to the prohibited areas beyond the Appalachian Mountains, which was one of the areas forbidden. As a result, the Indians felt provoked and decided to conduct raids to those settlers who lived in the prohibited places. Therefore, the settlers had to seek help from the British royal authorities (Axelrod 18). The parliament made by the British insisted that all the American colonists were to pay tax. The colonists joined and in turn, formation of a congress in the continent occurred. However, the colonists ensured that in each of the thirteen colonies, formation of a shadow government took place effectively (Finkelman 241). After this progress, the colonists remained loyal to the British king for some time. Finally, a boycott towards the taxation of the British tea took place and the Americans who were the colonists under the British power did destruction of the tea from the ships. This led to the formation of a party by the name Boston Tea in the year 1773. As a reaction by London towards that tea destruction, self-governments, this existed in Massachusetts, ended and replaced by the General of the British army by the name Thomas Gage who became the governor (Axelrod 25). During April in 1775, the governor found out that there was a gathering of weapons in Concord. He sent some troops of the British troops to do the destruction of the weapons. The local military did the confrontation of the groups and this called for exchange of fire. Several pleas to the British rulers to do intervention together with the parliament, the royals declared that the congress was made of traitors (Divine 24). After this, the congress reacted and did a declaration of independence of a super nation by the name United States of America. This happened on 4th July 1776. However, this influenced rejection of the declaration by the loyalists from America. The loyalists decided to side with the King but they ended up in exclusion from power. However, rebellion extension to Quebec and areas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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