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An Analysis of Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams and the Women Rape in Bosnia - Essay Example

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The film aims to grasp an understanding what made the film so special that it had won several awards at the Berlin Film Festival including Golden Berlin Bear award which is regarded as the highest prize given for the film in Europe. …
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An Analysis of Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams and the Women Rape in Bosnia
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Extract of sample "An Analysis of Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams and the Women Rape in Bosnia"

Download file to see previous pages Second, it intends to determine what particular angles were used in the film to have a greater impact on the viewers and portray the situation itself. Third, it targets to evaluate the film in general in relation to its context which was the aftermath of rape in the Bosnian war. Through having a critical analysis of the film this paper yields a deeper understanding on the rape in Bosnia.
First, Grbavica is no wonder an exceptional movie because of its contemporary context of exploring the emotional toll of women who had been victims of rape during the Bosnian war through the life experience of Esma, a single mother of her teenage daughter, Sara. Since the war has ended, it is the case that the impacts of such experiences on these women are now taken for granted reality of our world today. Nonetheless, Jasmila Zbanic, the director of the film, had considered the reality that even if the war was indeed over, the traumatic past had emotionally lingered its victims and even extended to the children whom were products of rape. No matter how much had these women including Esma tried to just forget what happened before, without a doubt, putting these memories in the realm of forgetfulness was not easy. Similarly, Grbavica is very unique for the reason that it did not have to demonstrate any scene of gun battles, explosions or even rape but it was able to communicate what message it had through an unobtrusive way. Second, the film had made a significant impact to its viewers for the reason that it endeavored to re – live the effects of what happened during the period of Bosnian war. The mother – daughter tandem portrayed in the movie was of course a powerful angle itself to create impact on the viewers. There was a mother who had tried to conceal the truth to her daughter’s identity of being a product of rape. Instead of abandoning her and hating her for Sara was a result of that rape by the Chetniks, there was Esma who instead had taken care of her and trying to raise money for her the school trip. This angle itself was indeed a moving part of the film because of a mother’s unconditional love to her daughter. It is the case that when she had given birth to Sara, Esma’s confession monologue was indeed a very emotive angle that can impact its spectators. Another touching part of the movie was the group counselling part where all together, the rape victims were sharing their very own personal experiences even though some of them had avoided revealing what they were going through. This angle was enough to say the strong psychological and emotional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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