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Assignment #4 The Ragan Revolution through President Obamma - Essay Example

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This paper stresses that President Ronald Reagan is believed to have changed the American trajectory in a way that no other president has ever done and his contribution to America is being felt in the current Obama’s era. Reagan put America on a completely different path…
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Assignment #4 The Ragan Revolution through President Obamma
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Download file to see previous pages One of the major historical turning points during Regan’s error is AIDs epidemic. AIDs killed millions of people during this period but the main tragedy was not the disease but the lack of enough action to control it. One of the reasons behind this situation was the belief that AID s could only be contracted by homosexuals. President Reagan was reluctant thus did not fully supportive of the disease treatment as he didn’t want to anger the Christian conservatives. The American public only came to realize the reality of the disease after a hemophiliac teenager contracted AIDS virus through blood transfusion and the public confession of Magic Johnson announcing that he too had contracted the virus.
The other event was the expansion of the southern states to the western dangerous regions as well as their efforts to tame new frontiers. During this period, the wives of the army men were made to enjoy a different status. This was completely different in comparison to the woman rights during the America colonization and civil war period. The areas allowed their women to take part in civil society and voting as well as assuming the judge position. The culture of the army wives gave women equal eminence at the time of frontier expansion. As this took place in the western frontiers, the rest of the states conserved their male order societies. This situation led to the frontier women to enjoy a status that was special following the forward posts isolation pockets and the community transformation into a society during threat and danger times so as to continue existing efficiently. The end result was that the women ended up sharing the same responsibilities with the men and their system allowed a combined authority while the eastern states stuck to their traditional culture of having the males dominate in everything. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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