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Cold War - Essay Example

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Your Name Prof’s Name Date Title The Cold War had many causes, but the fundamental causes were the fact that the United States and the Soviet Unions were by far the two most powerful countries in the world during the Cold War years (Chafe 2009: 117), and the fact that the two believed each other’s existence to be anathema to the other: that either capitalism or communism would need to be a new world order…
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Cold War
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"Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages There was, however, also a policy in place to never give ground throughout the Cold War, meaning that there were frequent proxy conflicts throughout the world in order for either country gain an ideological advantage. These included proxy conflicts in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea as the best known examples. The United States also engaged in huge industrial efforts, to force the Soviet Union to match them – things like the Space Program and the Interstate highway system. These proxy conflicts, however, also caused many problems for the United States. Arming the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, for instance, led to those same arms later being used against America, while the proxy conflicts in Vietnam significantly reduced America’s attachment to fighting wars and reduced national moral. Furthermore, America supported essentially any regime that would aid in the fight against Communism, regardless of the consequences. This included the rather dictatorial Shah of Iran, who was then overthrown by a revolution that included a huge amount of Anti-American sentiment. To this day America has to deal with a dangerous and Anti-American regime because of its habit of supporting dictators who had political moods that aligned with what the United States wanted during the Cold War. These are two types of blowback: one in which the US government faced international pressure because of its international intervention, and one in which its own populace raised against it in attempts to change the course of foreign intervention. The latter kind set rise to all sorts of things, including the Kent State riots, while also giving further impetus to the civil rights movements. The Cold War was the defining conflict that shaped America throughout the 20th century. It had an impact on every part of American life, from people who went off to wars to everyday American who lived under the threat of the bomb. Though it has ended, its shadow on American politics lingers to the present day. 1. US foreign policy in the interwar years was dominated by two principles: the Monroe doctrine, which indicated that the United States had a sphere of influence over the Americas that no other country could influence, and a significant policy of isolationism on the international stage. This was not complete isolationism, as the United States still had significant trading partners, but military isolationism was relatively extreme. Examples of this isolationism include America’s failure to join the League of Nations, which doomed the enterprise from the start. It was understandable that the United States wanted to be so isolationist, considering the history of European squabbles that could so easily engulf the young country if it were to get involved. 2. The Civil Rights movement was a movement, led by Black people from the South of the United States, to end oppression based on race and to gain basic liberties enjoyed by people of other races. Its roots can be traced back to the civil war, after which it was officially illegal to bar people from voting on the basis of race. Many Southern States, however, put together a series of laws and acts of intimidation that still prevented blacks from enjoying equal rights and protections. Lynching still occurred, it was still illegal for a black person and a white ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
In essence, the war can be described as the persistent state of military and political tension between the two states. The Soviet Union and its associates were branded as the Eastern bloc while the United States and their allies were referred to as the Western bloc (Leffler, 2008).
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Cold War
After the Potsdam Conference and the uprising in Greece, several factors were clear that the Soviet leaders were not going to give up their control over the Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This perception of Truman’s Administration about the communist Russia’s expansionist intention played a crucial role in determining the United States’ cold-war policies.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Cold War
They used words as their weapons. They tried to show their opponents lower from each other. They played havoc with conflicts in different regions of the world as in case of Hot War, there would be much danger due to use of nuclear weapons. Soviet Union took its alliance that were having communist system or were favoring the communist system.
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Cold War
Looking back in history the enmity of U.S with communalism is which led to the U.S. invasion of Vietnam.“ Preventing Vietnam from becoming a major battle
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Cold war
hot,” but it is fair to assume that it was the potential consequences of the use of nuclear weapons that deterred these two countries from turning the war into a hot one. If one country were to actually use these weapons, they would essentially be sealing their own fate in
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Cold War
In response, the American government chose to shore up those regimes, which were allied to it all over the world not only financially but also militarily to ensure that they combated the potential communist forces and
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Cold war
Soviet Union was on the other hand afraid of US and what it could do and hence put in place its own strategies to prevent US affecting its communism spread plan. This distrust and suspicion was the
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Cold War
ld war was not only confined to international relations but it had encompassed myriad aspects of domestic and international conditions which had huge impact on the people at large. He affirms that in international relations, Cold War affects social conditions at the national and
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Cold War
phrase as it involved undeclared conflicts and tensions between the Soviet Union and United States whose causes, and the exact start date have not been exactly identified. Consequently, the commencing of the cold war is still a contentious issue today with debaters reflecting
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Cold war
This event provided stimulus for continuously sustaining and expanding the U.S. military capability after the end of WWII and to a higher end, remedied the ‘great depression’ by converging to resolve with political changes the economic and cultural crises alike.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
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