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Primary causes behind the start of the Cold War - Essay Example

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Cold War is recognized as an era of extreme tension and hostility between Soviet Union and the United States of America. The War had its origins at the end of Second World War and ended in the early decade of 1990s. …
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Primary causes behind the start of the Cold War
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"Primary causes behind the start of the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages Cold War is recognized as an era of extreme tension and hostility between Soviet Union and the United States of America. The War had its origins at the end of Second World War and ended in the early decade of 1990s. The fear of nuclear escalation did not allow the two economies to indulge into an active war therefore; this war is known as Cold War. This war is different from the other wars because it was not an active war and it was fought through propagandas, military clashes, economic clashes and diplomatic bargaining. Most of the world economies came under the impact of Cold War including the neutral economies, newly independent economies and others. Various factors contributed to intensify the conflicts between the two nations however, a few of them appeared as the primary causes of Cold War. The aim of this essay is to discuss the primary causes of Cold War. In general, there are three views about “who was to blame for the Cold War? (Johndclare)” The Traditional view is supported by western writers who blame Soviet Russia for the Cold War and they argue that Stalin was seeking to establish a Soviet empire. The Revisionist view is supported by western writers who blame America for the Cold War. They argue that Truman could not understand the impact of Second World War on Russia. Third view is the Post-Revisionists view which considers the hatred of both nations as the primary cause of Cold War. ...
The historians have disagreements over the exact date of Cold War however; most of the historians agree that this war started when the President of the United States, Truman announced an anti-communist policy. The Second World War has its significance in the discussion of Cold War because the war started immediately after the Second World War. The ideological, political and economic differences between the United States and Soviet Union were not much prominent before the World War II however; mutual suspicions and distrust intensified the differences between the two nations and came on screen after the World War II. These differences and the factors intensifying these differences became the primary causes of Cold War. The defeat of Nazi Germany became the collapse of old Europe and appeared as a common victory of American and Soviet soldiers who celebrated the victory together in Germany in 1945. However, the conflicts between Soviet Union and the United States increased when it came to make a decision about the occupied Germany and the composition of a new Polish government. These conflicts intensified when the two nations failed to agree on a common plan relevant to the control of atomic energy and Soviets started communizing the lands under their occupation which threatened the United States on the division of Europe. The United States could see the spread of Communist State in the Western Europe whereas; the Soviet Union was threatened by American nuclear power and control. Fuller argues that the fear of democratic west about the Soviet Union was the primary cause of Cold War. If at one end, Soviet Union had a fear of western invasions of her new satellites, then at the other end, the western states were seeing the spread of Marxism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
In essence, the war can be described as the persistent state of military and political tension between the two states. The Soviet Union and its associates were branded as the Eastern bloc while the United States and their allies were referred to as the Western bloc (Leffler, 2008).
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He used that term in the context of how world at that time was under the threat of nuclear warfare, and so how there may be “peace that is no peace”, calling it the permanent “cold war”. In the same context, he directly referred to that Cold War as a kind of ideological conflict that was happening between the Soviet Union and other Western countries.
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Cold war
This event provided stimulus for continuously sustaining and expanding the U.S. military capability after the end of WWII and to a higher end, remedied the ‘great depression’ by converging to resolve with political changes the economic and cultural crises alike.
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Cold War
The United State’s strategy during the Cold War shifted slightly, but also remained surprisingly constant. One of the pillars of this strategy was not ever involving the United States in direct confrontation with the Soviet Union: there was a very real fear that any direct confrontation between the two would lead to a nuclear war.
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Cold War
After the Potsdam Conference and the uprising in Greece, several factors were clear that the Soviet leaders were not going to give up their control over the Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This perception of Truman’s Administration about the communist Russia’s expansionist intention played a crucial role in determining the United States’ cold-war policies.
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Causes of the Cold War
Even though economic supremacy may be the commonest form of national supremacy that can be counted the world over, this is not the only form of exhibiting of supremacy. In early 19th Century and early part of the 20th century, conquering in wars was a major premise through which various countries stamped firm supremacy on others.
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Cold War
They used words as their weapons. They tried to show their opponents lower from each other. They played havoc with conflicts in different regions of the world as in case of Hot War, there would be much danger due to use of nuclear weapons. Soviet Union took its alliance that were having communist system or were favoring the communist system.
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Cold War
The emergence of superpowers after world war two was among the contributing factors to the cold war. The western block (consisting of the United States of America and other NATO country members against eastern bloc eastern bloc. A neutral block founded by India, Egypt, and Yugoslavia.
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Cold war
Soviet Union was on the other hand afraid of US and what it could do and hence put in place its own strategies to prevent US affecting its communism spread plan. This distrust and suspicion was the
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Cold War
phrase as it involved undeclared conflicts and tensions between the Soviet Union and United States whose causes, and the exact start date have not been exactly identified. Consequently, the commencing of the cold war is still a contentious issue today with debaters reflecting
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