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Causes of the American Revolution - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Causes of American Revolution The American Revolution was an open conflict against Great Britain staged by thirteen colonies that form the present day United States. Historians have mentioned the political and the socioeconomic conditions of these colonies, as well as the stance of Great Britain, as factors that contributed to the revolutionary war…
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Causes of the American Revolution
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"Causes of the American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages The thirteen states in North America had demonstrated the urge to be independent. In 1763, Britain won the Indian and French wars; however, it devastated the economic power of Great Britain necessitating it to pass laws to its colonies in order to raise funds1. In 1764, Great Britain passed the infamous sugar act. This act intended to increase taxes levied on sugar production. Unfortunately, the British colonies were not willing to pay taxes to representatives of the British regime. In 1765, the British parliament added more insult to the thirteen colonies by introducing the Stamp Act2. The act intended to collect taxes from printed materials. The aim the tax was to generate money that Great Britain could use to protect, defend, and secure its colonies. The colonist reacted vehemently to these laws arguing that they were not party to laws enacted without their participation. The people and the businesses in the thirteen states viewed the taxes as an extortion and control over their businesses. The Boston Massacre wounded the relationship between the Americans and the British. In 1770, the British troops did not succeed in quelling the colonists who had expressed their rejection to the colonial rule3. The incident led to the death of both British soldiers and the Americans. The incident spurred the reaction of the Americans in openly rejecting the British rule. The American people developed the urge to send their representative in the British parliament. The American community had been on the receiving end for a long time. The laws made by the British parliament did not address the interest of the Americans necessitating their cry for representation. It is arguable that the laws enacted and presented for adoption by the British colonies suppressed the interest of these states. The Tea Act enacted by British in 1773 granted British East India Company the opportunity to monopolistic activities in North America4. While the act intended to boost the economic status of the British owned company, the choice was hurting because it sought to give economic benefit to the colonist. The monopolistic policy did not only benefit the British owned company, but promoted economic “crimes” to the Americans. The Americans had no choice in influencing the prices of their tea an act that they did not accept. Another spectacular event that took place in 1773 was Boston Tea party. Colonist disguised as the Indians participated in dumping tea overboard from ships at the Boston Harbor. This act met vehement reaction because it did not plunder the tea trade but also wounded the trade relationship. In 1774 the colonist closed the Boston Harbor and outlawed meeting that the American held in towns. The passing of the intolerable acts in 1774 received contrasting response from the thirteen states. Twelve out of the thirteen states met in Philadelphia in the same year, September to October. The resolution of the meeting was to reject products from Britain. The boycott was an economic spat because it influenced the production of the British industries. British suffered because America was one of the chief consumers of her products. It is also arguable that the economic power that it derived from trade was instrumental in influencing its interest in the colonial territories. In 1775, British troops visited Concord ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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After the colonists have arrived in America from Britain, the settlers looked for a new direction in their life. However, many grievances accumulated which lead to tensions between colonists and their own home nations. Hence, the root causes of the revolutionary war consisted of geographic issues, the oppression by the King, and salutary neglect.
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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] American People The American Revolution started as a transatlantic dispute over parliamentary authorities and policies, as the colonists of America provoked against British policies to reconsolidate their rule over the North American Empire.
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The Americans strongly believed that these natural rights and powers had been taken away from them by the increasingly despotic British government in the latter part of the 18th century (Morison 1976). Hence, this paper will argue for this view, that the American Revolution is basically a conservative revolution.
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Causes of the American Revolution: 1763-1775
The seed of the American Revolution was sown with the end of French and Indian war which left the victorious British heavily indebted. They started to impose heavy taxes to recover from the expenses incurred during the war.
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