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American People - Essay Example

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The American Revolution started as a transatlantic dispute over parliamentary authorities and policies, as the colonists of America provoked against British policies to reconsolidate their rule over the North American Empire. …
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American People
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"American People"

Download file to see previous pages The difference in the opinion led to a crisis of authority when the opposition from the colonists turned into riots, boycotts of imported goods and burning dummies of English officials. It was not thought of as a war of independence in the beginning, it was mere a fight for their own rights. As the dispute grew more and more the American Patriots set forth to win their independence and to build a new equality based society. By the late eighteenth century, the Americans had more liberties, paid lesser taxes and considered themselves as more fortunate citizens compared to any other nation. Ivring Kristol in his article “The Most Successful Revolution” quotes: "One even gets the impression that many of us regard ourselves as too sophisticated to take the Revolution seriously." He explains that the American Revolution was really different than other revolutions of that era and that is the reason why it was so successful. (Kristol, 5) Kristol’s first point was that the Americans do not celebrate Independence Day as enthusiastically as it was during the past few years. It is because the Americans are more arrogant and insolent and view the American Revolution as an unsophisticated representation of them. The Americans of this age believe that their forefathers were immature and primeval individuals who were unaware of what they were actually doing as compared to the sophisticated generation of today. People have merely forgotten the American Revolution with the passage of time but the message that it conveys should not be forgotten in the hearts of the younger generation. Their forefathers were the hardworking generation who fought for their rights and succeeded, whereas the Americans of this age think that they are too sophisticated and refined to do things like that. Many of them do not even believe if the American Revolution should really be celebrated. Kristol also talked about the differences between a democracy and a republic by clearing the confusion in a common man’s mind. He says that Democracy is the rule of popular passion whereas in a republic, sanctions govern the people where passion is considered as an unfit. (Middlekauff, 256) Kristol states that the division in the government of democrats and republicans has split the country which is somewhat true but on the other hand it also adds up a variety in the government. The problem arises when both the democrats and the republicans refuse to compromise their personal interests for the betterment of the common man since they are always involved in defeating the other. The government created by the forefathers was made with great thought and devotion looking into every possible detail. They designed it in this way do that the people are able to develop their opinions and can elect government officials who support their opinions. Kristol’s prediction of losing reverence in the forefathers by the Americans has come true to some extent. It is needed, however that the Americans need to transform their point of view about the government. Americans have lost pride in them and in their country, for which it is required to stop fighting among them and concentrate on the ideology proposed by their forefathers for equality and justice and ultimately a prosperous nation. The American Revolution had and still has a great significance as it depicts that the less privileged yet hardworking people should be treated equally like the ones who are financially stable. The American Revolution expresses to the entire world that the US is the only country where all the citizens have equal rights and privileges which are granted to them right after birth. It is no doubt a symbol of liberty and independence to other nations around the globe. There were a few promises of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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