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Aids: US Obligation to Third World Countries - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay states that United States today have certain obligation to Third World Countries on the subject of AIDS, that still remains to be the deadliest disease of the 21st century despite billions of dollars are being spent on treatment…
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Aids: US Obligation to Third World Countries
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Extract of sample "Aids: US Obligation to Third World Countries"

Download file to see previous pages Since AIDS is an avoidable disease, its prevalence in African countries as well as other third world countries can be reduced considerably if those countries get financial assistance from industrially developed overseas nations. Therefore, the United States, the largest national economy in the world, has a moral obligation (but not legal) to assist poorly developed global economies in fighting AIDS. Even though the US economy has been struggling for the last few years due to the impacts of global financial crisis 2008-09, the country has still numerous potential resources to raise funds. An effective US intervention in third world countries would control AIDS transmission to a great extent. Many US multinational corporate giants like Coca Cola have business interests in various third world countries across the globe. Many of those companies raise revenues from underdeveloped countries by selling poor quality products (because people of poorly developed counties are less concerned about the product quality). Thus, third world counties markedly contribute to the GDP growth of the United States. In addition, since governments’ health and environment regulations are not effective in underdeveloped countries, majority of the US corporate giants are taking unfair advantages of the situation. Global health bodies including World Health Organization report that multinational corporations’ business activities cause numerous health issues in third world countries and this situation compels those countries to spend more on their healthcare sector. To illustrate, as Hales reports, US dumps toxic computer wastes in third world countries and this situation risks labors who process...
This essay specifically discusses to what extent the United States has obligation to third world countries in fighting AIDS, that is acquired immune deficiency syndrome and how this commitment relates to manufacturing of generic drugs by United States pharmaceutical companies. Since an effective drug is yet to be developed for treating this fatal disease, probability of survival is zero for AIDS victims. While analyzing the prevalence of AIDS in global countries, it seems that the rate is higher in third world countries, especially in Africa. It is clear that well planned awareness campaigns, community initiatives, and other intervention programs are necessary to curb the likelihood of AIDS infection in poorly developed countries. The researcher states that economically and industrially developed countries, especially the US have a moral obligation to fight AIDS in third world countries. Even though US companies are offering generic AIDS drugs to the Third World at a discounted rate, they frequently raise their concerns about the future consequences of those risky concessions. In total, the US has moral obligation to offer its support to third world countries in fighting AIDS. The US has already realized the significance of helping poor people in the underdeveloped world. Hence, the country is providing extensive AIDS drug packages to the Third World. This shift is seen in the US pharmaceutical industry also. Many US pharmaceutical industries today offer drugs to third world countries at fairly low rates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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