Benefits of American Aid to AIDS Patients in Third World Countries in Africa - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on the analysis of certain benefits of american aid for AIDS patients, that live in thirdworld countries, such as Africa. The researcher presents statistics on the subject and discusses the history of AIDS in Africa as well as the possible future of the continent…
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Benefits of American Aid to AIDS Patients in Third World Countries in Africa
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Extract of sample "Benefits of American Aid to AIDS Patients in Third World Countries in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses on the health aid that the African developing countries benefit from, especially with respect to HIV/Aids. HIV/Aids is a pandemic due to the high number of people affected by the disease globally. The number of people who lose their lives due to HIV/Aids related complications is also high. This is the reason why the disease needs to be controlled. Although the disease has affected the whole world since its discovery in 1981, it is serious in third world countries mostly in Africa. Most of the developed nations are giving aid to African nations to fight the HIV/Aids scourge. The United States of America has been on the forefront in helping the African countries fight the disease. This paper aims to discuss the benefits of American aid for AIDS patients in third world countries that are mostly in Africa. In 2001, Bill Clinton confirmed the commitment that he had towards the availability of HIV/AIDS drugs. These negotiations, led to the reduction in prices of drugs for Africa and other poor regions. Importing policies from the United States were analyzed to ensure that most African countries could introduce the drugs needed. In conclusion, the researcher states that HIV/AIDS is one of the issues that make Africa as a continent lag behind in development. However, with the help that developing countries receive from the United States and other global organizations, the situation is better since there is hope for improvement in addressing HIV/Aids in the developing countries in Africa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benefits of American Aid to AIDS Patients in Third World Countries in Essay.
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