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The Concept of Representation - Essay Example

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The Concept of Representation Author’s Name Institution A representative democracy has its grounds on the principle that a large group of people elect a group of people to represent their interest. On the other hand, in direct democracy members of the population vote on the policy initiatives directly…
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The Concept of Representation
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The Concept of Representation

Download file to see previous pages... This paper seeks to explore the concept of representation from a multifaceted approach. On election, the elected member’s behavior in the house is determined by various factors. The concept of representation is based on the fact that the member of the House wants to be re-elected. Therefore, the member’s vote on a bill is based on the interest of their constituents. In contrast, organizational concept the members of the constituents are unaware of their leader’s vote. Therefore, the vote of their political leaders is not influenced by the need to please them. The attitudinal concept is based on the assumption that there are many conflicting pressures on the member of Congress such that these pressures cancel each other out. This means that the member votes on based on their own will and beliefs. According to Melancton Smith, the members of Congress should resemble those they represent in the House. The member ought to posses the same characteristics of the people they resemble. These members ought to be a reflection of the people they represent so as to understand as well as comprehend the needs and desires of their people. Smith argues that, for one to understand and sympathize with all the distress of the people, they must have knowledge about the circumstances surrounding the people. According to Smith, this knowledge cannot be attained through education. The member has to be in the same circumstances as the people they represent. Because of this, Smith believes that those in the middling class are more competent to represent the people than those in the superior class. This is because persons in the middling class not only comprehend the commercial and political situation of the country but also have knowledge of the circumstance of the people (Smith, 1788). According to Smith, for the government to impose taxes on the people they not only require to understand the financial system but also knowledge on the ability and the circumstances of the people. This means that the government has to analyze how the tax burden will bear upon the different class of people. This means the members of Congress should have knowledge about the people they represent in terms of class and the circumstances surrounding each class (Smith, 1788). According to Smith, to determine whether the number of members of Congress proposed by a constitution is sufficient, it is necessary to scrutinize the qualifications which the members ought to posses so as to address the needs of the people. Smith argues that the number of representatives should be large enough to admit members from both the middling and superior class. In every society, there are classes based on wealth, education, talent and birth. In societies where the government so constituted, the House will be composed of members from the superior class. This is because men of the superior class are likely to be elected by the members of the society. Smith also believes that, men of the superior class are likely to succeed during elections because of their influence. According to Smith, the men in the superior class easily form associations to address their interest. On the other hand, the poor and those in the middling class form associations with difficulties. The voters of the poor and middle class will be divided with a majority in favor of those in the superior class. In this case, the government will be composed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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