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Mexican History: So Far From God - Essay Example

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[Name] [Professor] [Class/Course] [Date] So Far From God Ana Castillo’s So Far From God is a heavily symbolic tale of a remarkable Chicana mother, Sofi, surviving the death of her four daughters ? Esperanza (Hope), Caridad (Charity), Fe (Faith), and La Loca (The Crazy One)…
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Mexican History: So Far From God
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Download file to see previous pages Each of Sofi’s four fated daughters takes a different route (Gannon). The first child, Esperanza, is the most successful and liberated daughter, and a devotee to the Chicano movement for the betterment of Chicano’s lives. In spite of her kindness, she dies meaningless during news media coverage of the Gulf crisis. The reader is left hopeless in finding salvation in Esperanza’s death (Gannon). The second child, Fe, is a strict follower of the Chicano patriarchal tradition of marriage and submission to the husband. She marries Casimiro, and together they map a perfect future. She leaves her work as a bank employee for a high-salaried job at an arms factory which exposes her to toxic chemicals and eventually leads to her death from cancer. The faith that Fe places in the fundamental principles of society and its culture entirely defeats her, hence a meaningless faith (Gannon). The third child, Caridad, leads an immoral life after her husband abandons her, flirting with men resembling Memo. As punishment from the spirits, she is viciously raped and damaged by the mysterious "Malogra." Caridad's charity towards men is ruthlessly punished but she heals miraculously and later becomes a faith healer and during a sacred mission, she finds Esmeralda, the woman of her dreams. They fall in love and disappear forever after jumping off a cliff while being pursued by Caridad’s obsessed stalker (Gannon). The death and resurrection of Sofi’s youngest child, La Loca, is the most interesting of the sisters’ stories. The whole town immediately accepts her return from the dead and believes La Loca to be gifted with the miraculous powers of healing, thus they name her "La Loca Santa." Later, she dies of AIDS despite her intact virginity and none-participation in any activity that may cause contraction of the disease. What triumphs after the tragic deaths of the three Christian ideologies ? faith, hope and charity ? and the miraculous La Loca, are the strength and wisdom of Sofi (Gannon). Political Ideology The novel, told in a Mexican-American tradition, collapses the restrictions and repressions of Hispanic patriarchal cultural society to liberate its characters from the confinements so that they can become individuals. The author highlights the concept of the Hispanic home: that the women should stay in the background while the men dominate the foreground. Castillo easily dispels this cultural norm with humor, “magical realism” and the exploration of each character’s feelings, emotions and personalities. Castillo succeeds in bridging the cultural gap between Hispanic men and women in a white and non-Hispanic world. So Far from God is crazy and influential. Its wit proves a powerful political message - that in a world of male domination and harsh realities, women survive not just during life but likewise after death (Gannon). The Inter-Connectedness of Life and Death Death is the endpoint at which deliverance happens for the faithful. Castillo’s novel does not entail termination in death. Sofi’s daughters die, however their deaths are not a regret nor are they saddening as they should actually be. This could be attributable to Castillo’s masterful application of frivolous language and peculiar events prior to the tragic deaths of each daughter. In Caridad's demise, the author tells us that, "...the end of Caridad and her beloved Emerald, which we nevertheless will refrain from calling tragic" (p. 190). Caridad’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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