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Name Professor Course Date Spanish American War Spanish American War since its culmination to date has brewed numerous arguments among diverse scholars, historians and judicial systems trying to unveil the truth behind its eruption. Global judicial systems that have the mandate of correcting the history resulted in conflicting interpretations regarding the war eruption…
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Spanish American War essay
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"Spanish American War"

Download file to see previous pages The two interpretations made each side disapprove the rulings that failed to favor their argument (Brinkley 56). This is despite the ruling bodies’ intention which is to correct history and ensure that there will be no similar instances in future or hidden enmity among the states involved. Court and revisionist interpretations have yielded to diverse and conflicting arguments regarding Spanish American War, where the America resulted in justifying its involvement (Nunez 50). The aspect of Cuban humiliation while under Spanish rule prompted the unwilling America to be involved into the war. America argued that they were keenly watching the atrocities Spanish rulers were executing in Cuba devoid of considering the welfare of the citizens. Initially, America was unwilling to intervene, but due to constant pleading by its neighbors (Cuba), it had no alternative. According to America, it did not intend to indulge in the war, but their involvement emanated from the sinking of Maine battleship. This did infuriate the Americans who, due to political influences, forced William McKinley to a revolt. The chance came at an opportune time when they were wishing Cuban freedom from the Spanish dominion, which resulted in eruption of a severe war. America claimed that its intentions were sincere and meant best for the Cuban citizens (Herna?ndez 7). Additionally, court interpretation argued that besides the America’s humanitarian involvement in the war, it also wanted to support Cuba in attaining independence. This was from the citizen’s early constant plea prior engaging the Spanish resistance to avenge for sinking of their battleship. America intended Cuba to cease from being Spanish colony where, via its naval engagement, managed easily to defeat their opponents, thus making Cubans starting their journey to independence (Herna?ndez 11). On the contrary, revisionist interpretation stated otherwise, claiming that America had selfish intentions in engaging the Spanish previously claiming that their actions in Cuba were from the humanitarian perspective. Through its then incumbent leader, America had eyed the island for long and intended to overthrow the Spanish to establish its economic interests. This yielded to a “Spanish-American” combat that excluded Cuba besides using it as a battlefield where it continued its dominion in some Cuban rich islands after the Spanish had left (Brinkley 90). According to Revisionist studies, there is no evident proof that the Spanish sank the Maine battleship, but America took advantage of this timely incidence. This was to fulfill maliciously its economic greedy motives since initially McKinley was reluctant to engage the Spanish, but his republican allies forced him to their demands for war. Other "war hawks" of the time comprising Theodore Roosevelt and Albert J. Beveridge, aimed at attaining absolute control of the island for economic interests (Herna?ndez 52). The revisionist interpretation proof is more historically precise than court’s argument since the revisionist’s argument relies on research intended to unveil who contributed to sinking of the American battleship. The research outcome proved America’s blame on Spanish as being responsible as untrue, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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From the period of the Spanish American War through the end of World War two, why does the United States move from relative isol
l that the Western Hemisphere might be targeted as well, which is why many Americans realized that it was important for their country to safeguard its interests on the global stage and to fight the impending threat even if it meant facing hostilities, lastly the most monumental factor contributing to the increased global involvement of the U.S from relative isolation was the unconditional surrender of Germany to the U.S, marking the end of World War II.
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Based on the discussion, the Spanish American war was triggered by a variety of factors. First of all, Spain was already going through various political difficulties due to the defeat it suffered under Napoleon’s expansionist activities. Unrest in its colonies was also starting to manifest, especially with the oppressive qualities of leadership which Spain was using with its colonies.
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This after the start of what is termed as Yellow Journalism brought on by Joseph Pulitzer and William Hearst, both very powerful newspaper publishing magnates. The precedents for this war included the Spanish treatment of the men, and especially the women, of Cuba and the surrounding islands of the Philippines.
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nales for it including Darwinism and strategic reasons and economical reasons, the country kept an isolationist policy, except in trading and international affairs. In addition to fundamentally changing and shaping the nature of the United States, pre and post war efforts had a
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